It’s not something everyone goes for. Everyone got bored of the denim cut-off, vest, straw hat and ankle boot (with optional embroidered waist coat) look around 2010 when it hit max saturation point. Now you’ve got the option to go for as similar to your usual looks as humanly possible (bearing in mind the weather, the tent sleeping scenario, the fact you have to carry your wardrobe in a rucksack) or you full on commit to festival fashwan. Yes, we’re talking spandex bodysuits and leggings, face tattoos… What they lose in effortlessness, they make up for in packability. They really pack down, and — aside from having to get naked if you need a wee — there’s a lot to be said for all-in-one outfits.

Here are the brands you need to know for festival season…

Tada & Toy x Streak

The coolest temporary tattoos right now are from Tada & Toy's collab with London-based Streak. The metallic designs are minimalist and fun, with the ideal level of commitment. (I.e. It will be off by the morning you're back in the office.)


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Burnt Soul

'Clothes for your inner wild child' — catsuits, leggings and everything spandex you'd ever want.


Face Lace

You wouldn't have thought, what are essentially, temporary face stickers could be beautiful, but Face Lace (by Phyllis Cohen) has a range of designs that are easy to apply and look AMAZING.


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Jaded London

The one for fun prints, catsuits, swimwear, dresses and everything festival you'll ever want.


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American Apparel

Hardly a secret, but a convenient go-to for leotards and the likes.


Love & Lemons

If you're steering clear of bodycon and want all out festival vibes dresses, Love & Lemons is where it's at.



Everyone — from Sienna Miller to Rita Ora — FREAKED about these lycra printed bodysuits. And for good reason...


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