11 Pairs Of Cool Shoes That You Can Commute In

11 Pairs Of Cool Shoes That You Can Commute In
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No more spare pairs in your bag...

Commutes are fairly unpleasant — loads of people all squished in to a small space at insanely high temperatures— and one way to make them 100% worse are the wrong shoes.

We’ve all been there - running to catch a bus in backless loafers or standing up for a whole tube journey in just-too-high heels, it's NO fun. But finding the right footwear is pretty tricky — there are loads of factors you have to bear in mind, and lots of things to avoid.

Instead of carrying shoes around or having pairs you just leave under your desk, we’ve put together a guide to cool commuting shoes that you can actually wear at work…


1. No Light Colours

Unless they’re wipe clean, whites and pastels are dangerous territory — there’s coffee hazards and a lot of potential feet to mess them up.

2. They Need Backs

Yes backless loafers are our favourite things right now, but they aren’t so good when it comes to commuting. You can’t move faster than a shuffle, and you risk the back being trodden on.

3. Nothing Too High

Majorly high heels are just silly on public transport — you can’t move properly  or safely stand up, and you risk impaling a fellow traveller's foot on the end.

4. Steer Clear Of Suede

You can ruin a pair of suede shoes with one muddy foot or spikey heel. The same goes for fabric sneakers.

5. Go Chunky

Anything too fussy will dig in and hurt when you’re dashing about. Stick with proper soles and thick straps.



1. Go For Metallics

Silver shoes are a fun way to go lighter without the worry of a muddy sole ruining them.

2. Wear Block Mid-Heels

If you’re sticking with your extra inches, keep to under a few inches and make sure they’re chunky. They’re more stable and comfortable. Win win.

3. Patent Is Good

Wipe clean is good when it comes to commuting. The constant wear wears out shoes pretty pronto, but patent can be spruced up pretty easily.

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