Breast Cancer Awareness Month: The 22 Pink Products To Buy Now

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: The 22 Pink Products To Buy Now
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Breast Cancer Awareness Month is here. Get behind the cause with our pick of 2016's Pink Products and brands giving money to charity...

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month; an annual campaign to increase awareness of the disease, when extra effort is made to raise funds for research, specialist nurses and services - local and supportive. 

With nearly 55,000 people diagnosed with breast cancer in the UK every year, it's something that affects everyone — so we've rounded up the best products to buy from which a percentage of the cost will go to charity. 

Though there's been real progress in the detection of the disease, and the survival rate is getting better and better, it's important we all get behind Breast Cancer Awareness Month and really make a difference. 

One way of doing that is finding products which donate money to breast cancer charities. More than ever, beauty brands are getting behind breast cancer charities, and fashion labels, too. 

It's the perfect pairing; you can buy those beauty bits, while knowing a percentage of your money is going to a good cause. Of course, for everything you buy, you can donate a little more at Breast Cancer Care

Kendall Jenner's been getting behind the cause with a Lokai bracelet, which she shared a picture of on her Instagram.

From the official Pink Products, including Jo Malone's Red Roses perfume and Bumble & Bumble's famous hair powder, to the brands who give a percentage to charity, check them out, here...

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