The 10 Best Wireless Headphones To Shop If You're On The List For An iPhone 7

The 10 Best Wireless Headphones To Shop If You're On The List For An iPhone 7
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On the list for an iPhone 7? Here are the Bluetooth headphones to shop

Everyone was up in arms when the iPhone 7 launched — not for the fact it’s pretty much waterproof (which is obviously a game-changer) but because it doesn’t have a headphone dock. Meaning: You can’t use normal headphone with the iPhone 7… Meaning: You’ll need to buy some wireless headphones or earphones to listen to your iPhone 7.

Yes, that’s a thing. While they haven’t invented sun cream that doesn’t blind you, there are such things as wireless headphones that communicate with devices through Bluetooth.

It’s actually pretty natty, if you think about it. How many times have you got your earphone wire all tied up when you’re trying to listen to My Dad Wrote A Porno on your morning commute?  

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While the first wireless headphones were clunky and massive, the newer ones are far more comfortable and actually look pretty cool. There are even earbud-styles coming onto the tech radar.

We spoke to our friends at Trusted Reviews and they said: ‘These are typically earbud-style headphones joined by a short cable – truly wireless earbud headphones exist, but right now they neither great nor cheap.’

Apparently, the quality of sound in the new wireless headphones is better as well — which will be welcome news to music fans who have put up with the earphones which come free with phones for years.

On the list for an iPhone 7 or want to try out the new cool thing ahead of the pack? Here are the best wireless headphones to shop now…

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