Why It's All About Next Level Shirting Right Now

Why It's All About Next Level Shirting Right Now

Shirts - or shirting is big news right now. The bolder, the more oversized, the better. See stylist Jeanette Madsen in her red and white striped Balenciaga and you'll get the vibe.  A statement sleeve is key, as is wearing it in a louche, sexy, I-just-threw-it- on-as-I-left-my-apartment way. 

Jacquemus, Y:Project, Balenciaga and Marques Almeida are leading the way right now with supersize styling details that go way further than a men's shirt could ever do. Whether you go for these names or not, just think exaggerated ruffles, bell shaped cuffs, a ton of pleating and that unforgettable XXL sleeve and you'll have the look nailed. 

And although you could work this trend by undoing a few more buttons on an oversized men's shirt and doing that all important pushing it back over your shoulders thing, the high-street have been super quick off the mark on this trend. Marks and Spencer, Zara and H&M all have their unique take on shirting with some great styling details. Just add your favourite straight-cut jeans, or a pair of embroidered shorts plus flats and you're good to go. 


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