Hoodies, Corsets and THAT Vetement Dress: The Best Street Style 2016

Hoodies, Corsets and THAT Vetement Dress: The Best Street Style 2016
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Street style continues to set the path for trends and styling. Here's the best from 2016.

From London to Paris, New York to Seoul, street style stars continued to be an endless source of fashion inspo. Be it Gucci loafers or dressing gowns, corsets or tracksuit bottoms, there was nothing that these guys couldn't style to perfection.

Below are the street style highlights of 2016. 

The Vetements Effect
It was the SS16 collection that really got us hooked. The brand's third season was strong and controversial with oversized hoodies, shirting and that yellow floral dress we were all obsessed with. So it was no surprise when the street style clan set their sights on re-creating these looks. Hoodies for work? I mean, we’re thrilled.

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The Prada corset
It was Prada’s styling tool for their Fall '16 collection, and as soon as we saw it we knew it would be a hit. We spotted corsets worn over blazers, jumpers and shirting. So simple.
Comic book t-shirts are back...
And they’ve got a sassy edge. This year we paired them with something ultra trashy like PVC trousers or leopard print skirts for geeky slut vibes. It actually works. Honest!
Street style pro Pernille taught us a lesson in maternity dressing

Which was? Don’t change your style one bit. She opted for the same uber cool designer brands as always and nailed it... Avec bump!

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The Addidas three-stripe tracky
Who. Knew. No longer just the classic you throw on to pop to the shops, we saw these teamed with Manolo heels and designer slides. And, somehow, we totally loved it? 
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We crushed over new street style designer: Magda Butrym
If you don’t already know about her then you’re about to be pleasantly WOW’ed. The street stylers are obsessed and so are we. Think OTT feminine ruffles mixed with hard-edge cut-out shapes. Oh, and that sequin shoulder top you may have spotted... Obsessed.
Shirting stepped up a notch (and landed on the high street!)
We saw double-the-sized cuffs, back-to-front designs, gingham, monogrammed and a-symmetric ruffles. And, hurrah, they’re no longer just the designer brands, the high street has totally nailed this trend too. It’s certainly here for the long haul.
Bombers Were BIG. Literally...
Think your standard bomber jacket, then think four times bigger. Drape them over your shoulders, half way down your back, or just be cosy and layer those knits underneath.
Basket bags
Previously seen plastered all over Instagram, in sunny locations, annoyingly captioned with something like “Holiday Purchase”. But, 2016 introduced us to the likes of Little Doe Is Love and Kayu, and suddenly it was possible to carry one every day.
Fishnet socks
The super-easy styling trick that literally anyone could copy.
Dresses over jeans
When weather is just not on your side, but you have a gorge silk mid-length dress to wear, style it with straight leg jeans. The cool way to do girly.
Stirrup pants returned
The biggest 80s comeback of the year - and we’re so into it. Warning: The men in your life MAY not get this. But who cares?

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We took robes coats out of the house

Silky dressing gowns and kimonos had a major moment as the street stylers wore them not just around the house, or pool, but instead over jeans for day-to-day fabulousness.
 Click through our gallery of the best moments (and lessons) from the best street style stars of 2016.

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