Ski Chic: What Every Fashion Girl Should Pack

Ski Chic: What Every Fashion Girl Should Pack

If you’re anything like me and a novice skier you’ll be totally clueless when it comes to what to wear and pack. And even if you're not a first time skier, like the rest of fashion, trends for skiing come and go. Although staying warm and comfy is important, my first concern (obviously) was that I wanted to look super chic. So where to start?

1. The Ski Jacket

Firstly, a proper ski jacket is a must. You can't get away with wearing your best parka coat. High street stores H&M and Topshop all have great ski jackets at amazing price points, that still have a fashionable element to them.

If you have a slightly higher budget Perfect Moment is a great brand to try (I'd spotted it on Poppy Delevingne's Insta, so I had to see what the fuss was about). With jackets from around £300, think rainbow prints, stars and stripes, you'll be hard to miss on the slopes. Plus they have all the tech stuff you need for skiing - breathability and warmth, tons of pockets and, rather randomly, a goggle cleaning cloth attached. Double ticks!

2. The Ski Pants

It's up to you whether you go for salopettes or trousers, but I did find that it was so much better to have salopettes because the braces mean there’s no worry about them falling down if the fit isn’t quite right. As well as high street retailers, another place to look for a great ski pant that's not going to break the bank is Sports Direct. They stock Nevica, a great brand to try, and they have great stock all year round. 

3. The Ski Suit 

If you're up for a serious splurge then you MUST take a look at Fendi’s offerings. Rompers that will literally turn every head (including the hot ski instructor's). I found this the best fuss-free outfit and it was unbelievably comfortable, plus gave great protection during a snow storm.  

4. Socks & Base Layers

Base layers are really important but it's not worth spending a huge amount of money on them. Uniqlo's heat tech range is perfect as it adapts to your temperature as you go up and down the mountain. If you already own gym gear (e.g. leggings and long sleeve running tops), it's perfect for layering underneath coats or lounging around in. 

After a long hard day on the slopes all you want to do is be warm and cosy. Make sure you have an oversized comfy knit which is perfect to wear with some cashmere tracksuit bottoms or even your gym leggings. Cashmere socks were quite literally my best friend.  

5. Apres Ski

Firstly, a bobble hat is a must to avoid helmet hair (yep, that’s a thing, and it’s not pretty). Chunky statement knits and a great pair of snow boots. Ugg has some great inexpensive pairs and are your key elements for feeling comfortable but looking your best.

6. Ski Accessories: What You Need In Your Pockets 

There are a few beauty essentials you MUST have in your pockets. Firstly, a Nivea lip sunscreen stick is vital, as is a SPF 50 sunscreen for your face. Sunglasses are also crucial, I had a pair of ski goggles with me just in case, but check the UV protection as you may find your sunglasses are actually higher than your goggles. 

Finally, some excellent news just in: Aldi now also stock skiwear, and you can't argue with their prices. Ski Jackets for £12.99? YES PLEASE. 

So, take a look at what I plan to snap up for the slopes this season... 


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