New Levels Of Fuzz: The Best Shearling Coats To Buy Right Now

New Levels Of Fuzz: The Best Shearling Coats To Buy Right Now
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Vincenzo Grillo
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It's the coat trend that keeps returning every season. Here's this years snazzy fluffy update

So London has decided to plummet to sub zero temperatures. GREAT. Cue the panic to buy a coat that a) you wont regret months down the line and b) is actually warm and c) can arrive by the end of the week. Our suggestion? It’s all about the shearling jacket. 

Every season we see the new ‘must have’ coat that everyone will go crazy for but as trends come and go, sometimes you just want a little longevity from your winter warmer. Hence why the good ol’ fuzzy shearling number will keep making an appearance. It basically does what is says on the tin. Warm, long lasting, wearable and totally on Kate Moss's wave length.

Let’s talk about this seasons snazzy new update on the classic. She’s no longer just a cream neatly trimmed 70’s style with a double breast. It’s all about new levels fuzz. Thanks to the Gucci reinvention we're thinking long haired shaggy alpaca (for the slightly crazy of you gals), the super smooth Toscana (for the prim and proper) and the all out electric colour multi-texture, for those that are just mad about a bit of fluff.

But of course we’re not to forget there is still the must have classic aviator style that just stepped up a couple of in terms of fabrics and colours. Oh and it’s whole lot bigger (yes, in actual size).

The reason we’re loving the oversized is all thanks to the best dressed klang we spot on street style galleries. Every season they nail this jacket and here are 3 ways you can do it too:

1) Ensure your sheepskin biker is at least 2 sizes over your size (in actual fact, this is quite handy as you can layer jumpers underneath)
2) Don’t be afraid to wear whatever you want underneath it; whether it be a typical jeans and jumper kind of day - or if you want to wear your favourite boho summer dress. Just team with a chunky biker boot.
3)  Of course, complete your look with a hard frame pair of sunglasses (ONLY on days of winter sun. If it's raining- this just isn’t cool.)

Whilst we have rounded up our favourites from both designer brands and the high street; there’s also a new kid on the block that you should absolutely look out for. Saks Potts. An American label that offers the dreamiest combinations of colour and fuzz in styles you will actually wear FOREVER!

Our top tip when shopping our long haired edit? It may be worth thinking to invest a little more, as this jacket will last you winter after winter. We promise!

Click through the gallery to see our edit and how you should be wearing each style.


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