Shop The Coolest Dresses Under £50

Shop The Coolest Dresses Under £50
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We've done all the shopping for you and found the best dresses on the high street

Dresses under £50 can be pretty hard (read: impossible) to come by, it sometimes feels — or, nice ones anyway. For those times when you’re feeling particularly poor, but you want to buy stuff (yes, we didn’t say it was sensible), it’s good to know about the good buys out there on the high street.

So, we’ve rounded up the best dresses that won’t totally throw off your optimistic monthly budgeting. Lucky for everyone, the high street is looking particularly strong this season.

Warehouse collections have been getting noticeably cooler and cooler, becoming feasible go-tos for a wedding guest dress you can actually dance in without worrying you might get a fleck of red wine on your from the groom’s overzealous dance moves.

H&M though, it has to be said, have the most desirable dresses right now. They’ve got everything. There’s the slinky shirt dress we’ll be wearing over trousers with backless loafers for work, and slip dresses to layer over a t-shirt and jeans when the weather gets a bit colder. One of our total hero pieces has got to be the bow detail oversized shirt — with a look of MSGM, it’s a total bargain at £24.99.

Zara is reliably strong, season after season. As well as the off-the-shoulder and embroidered floral styles, the dress that caught our eye in the campaigns was the gold limited edition ballet dress. We see it as the perfect dress for the day after the wedding — when you’ve no idea what to wear and everyone’s feeling pretty tired but you still want to look good.

Marks And Spencer is really upping its game this year. As well as the collection with Alexa and the game-changing Marks And Spencer cashmere collection, we really rate their dresses — the floral dresses, sure, but particularly the red frill shoulder dress.

Shop the best dresses under £50 now…

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