18 High Street Bridesmaid Shoes You Can Walk In All Day

18 High Street Bridesmaid Shoes You Can Walk In All Day
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Bridesmaid shoes aren't know for being particularly cool, so we've picked the ones to shop that are...

Bridesmaid shoes aren't known for being particularly cool, along with bridesmaid dresses and the whole wedding party wardrobe. It used to be all chiffon and basic heels, but now people are doing it the cool way — the way they actually want to.

What's important is they look good, obviously, but also that they're comfortable enough to wear all day — from morning to night, with dancing. There's no point getting a pair you can only wear during the ceremony and then have to ditch and risk getting trampled on the d-floor.

Realistically, it's not something you want to spend masses on either. Whether the bridesmaids are buying their own, or the bridal party is footing the bill, most people have a pretty big line-up and expensive shoes just aren't worth it. Though people are now buying ones they will wear again, they'll never be 100% your usual style, so we've found the best on the high street - with a maximum price tag of £75.

There are loads of options — flats, mid-heels, sandals — and they cover all the bridesmaid dress options. For summer, we're liking the relaxed, outdoorsy vibe — casual slip dresses with tie-up sandals or pointed toe flats that won't poke into the grass. The good thing about pointed shapes it they lengthen legs like heels, without the inconvenience and pain, and they also work with smarter, more tailored dresses. Zara's cherry red pair is a good (and truly affordable) option.

The mid-heel trend, the latest Insta-fashion girl's shoe obsession, is a bridal saviour. There are solid Celine sock shoe and Chloe pump copies on the high street which are perfect for the bride, bridesmaids - or both. Instead of opting for white shoes, as people always used to, it's fun to add a little powdery colour pop with blues or peachy pinks. If the line-up is wanting a red lip, to avoid technicolour overkill, go for a dove grey — chic, and it won't show dirt like white. Also, white leather in undeniably a little questionable and probably best avoided for practicality reasons unless you're totally set on an white everything.

Check out our edit of the coolest bridesmaid shoes on the high street...

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