What InStyle's Arabella Greenhill Wears To Fashion Week

What InStyle's Arabella Greenhill Wears To Fashion Week
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InStyle's fashion director talks street style, her fashion week packing and what it takes to get photographed...

It's fashion month time (again)! InStyle's fashion director Arabella Greenhill talks street style (and how it's changed things), her fashion week packing and what it takes to get photographed...

How would you describe your personal style?

Classic with a modern twist. 

How do you feel about 'street style' becoming such a big thing?

It has put a lot of pressure on everyone to dress up, look good and stand out from the crowd, it’s not just about the catwalk anymore. So many trends come from street style as well as the runway. It’s interesting to see how people actually put outfits together – mixing designer and high street pieces for a more individual outfit than the head-to-toe looks you get on the catwalk.

It can get a bit crazy though, when you’re there to see the shows, battling your way through a thousand street style photographers all desperately trying to get a picture of someone behind you who’s wearing pink knickers on their head. It’s also fascinating to watch all the posing - hailing cabs, looking at phones and waiting on street corners.

So much more planning and preparation goes into it now. Rather than suitcases solely of black as it was in the noughties, you have to give your outfit more thought. Is it going to be print or colour, perhaps a statement shoe or bag – what’s going to stand out while being true to your own style?

How do you feel about being stopped by street style photographers?

It’s always flattering to be asked and I will always stop, but I am not there only to be photographed – going to the shows is part of my job.

What makes photographers want to take someone’s picture?  

There are certain street style favourites who will always get photographed no matter what they wear, but then there could be someone wearing an interesting bag or the cool shoe, or even just be in great light or interesting location that captures their eye.

What are your fashion week essentials?

Just my phone - for keeping in touch with my family and the rest of the team, and for social media and photographing pretty much everything. 

See her street style looks...


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