Best Ever White Shirts And Why It's Okay To Always Want More

Best Ever White Shirts And Why It's Okay To Always Want More
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If you're like me you've probably got a ton of them in your wardrobe. But if (also like me) you're forever on a quest to find the perfect one, here's my guide to the best of what's out there right now. 

There really is nothing more classic then a white shirt. I’m totally guilty, and if you open my wardrobe you’ll see the proof, (there's currently about 18 of them hanging in there). But with so many different cuts, fabrics and styles out there, it’s hardly surprising. Whether you're buying them for work or to wear them with jeans, here’s the key styles you need to be buying and how to style them for a sassy AW17 spin.

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The classic button down

Season’s don’t matter when it comes to this one, as you will literally wear it everywhere with everything. To the beach over cut-off denim shorts or part tucked into tailored trousers for a crisp smart look. Personally, with this style I am really into a slightly oversized style. They hang in a super modern way a look really sexy when layered with fine gold necklaces.


High necks and ruffled sleeves, this late 19th century classic isn’t going anywhere. Temperley and Chloe inspired us this season with super high pleated necklines and avant-guard sleeves which they teamed poetically with floral printed silk skirts. 

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The one that screams summer

Despite stepping into cooler Winter climates, this is one not to be overlooked. Think broidery anglaise and lacey elements, and we can assure you these aren’t just for the sunshine months. Style with a roll neck underneath for a layered texture winter look.

Modern Structures

Lately we’ve been obsessed with statement and obscure tailoring and it’s all thanks to super brands Balenciaga, Vetements and Jaquemus. There’s no better way to get on this trend either then with a XXL statement cuff or a-symmetrical cut, and you’ll be thrilled to know you don’t need to go designer for this, Zara and Mango have it down.

Every white shirt collection needs a refresh every know and then, so get stuck into my edit of the best styles out there right now.

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