When it comes to adorable dogs we're a bit confused about what we did pre-Instagram. Relying on (read harrassing) friends that had a dog for daily photos, stalking puppies in the park and screenshotting Beethoven - it was the canine equivalent of crazy cat ladies. So when Instagram came along with its hundreds of thousands of dog photos from around the world we couldn't believe our luck, not to mention adorable dogs who had their own accounts. Clearly, we're not alone in our doggy obsession with some accounts notching up millions of followers, overtaking celebrities and leading to their own book deals, TV interviews and meet and greet events. Here's our round-up of the cutest that will definitely have you double tapping their photos.

Olive Beckham

Olive has already experienced Instafame thanks to her guest appearances on the Beckham family's Instagram feeds, but now Olive is stepping out on her own four paws with her personal page, which has already racked up nearly 50k followers. Her opening snap? A cosy selfie with Brooklyn, of course.     


The Dogist

This is essentially the doggy equivalent of 'Humans of New York.' Photographer Elias Weiss Friedman AKA The Dogist always includes the dog's name and age and even a quote or anecdote from their walker. No wonder it's being turned into a book later this year. 



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When Canadian photographer Andrew Knapp took his border collie Momo on a road trip around the USA and posted hide and seek style photos of the dog on Instagram he became an instant internet sensation. Currently on a book tour follow for plenty of close up doe eyed shots. 


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Digby and Alo are Griffons from Wellington, New Zealand. When they're not dressing up as rockstars you'll find them snuggling together. 



Mr. Reagan is one sophisticated Australian Labradoodle. From sailing to surfing and manning the barbie, he really is living the Australian dream. 



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This account started out documenting Sage, a Miniature Dachshund and Harlow, a Weimaraner who believes she is a Miniature Dachshund time together. When Sage passed away from old age in 2013, Harlow met Indiana another Miniature Dachshund who she instantly became best friends with. Most recently Reese has joined the clan and doesn't get much cuter than this. 




Tuna is a 4 year-old Chiweenie with an exaggerated overbite and recessed jawline. He was rescued by Courtney Dasher in LA in 2010 and since has gone on to garner over 1 million followers. 




Marnie The Dog is a 12 year old Shih Tzu that was adopted from a shelter as a senior dog. Living in NYC, she has become somewhat of a spokesperson for encouraging people to adopt elderly dogs in shelters. 




A four year old Frenchie from Chicago that describes himself as a philanthropist who loves to make new friends and give back to charity. 



A tiny full bred pomeranian who loves jammin' to Bob Marley. His biggest claim to fame is that he starred in Meghan Trainor's “Lips Are Movin” video.


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Sir Charles Barkley is a French Bulldog based in Seattle. His Monday morning facial expressions are the best. 



Norm, the pug lives in Seattle and has a penchant for hairpieces. 


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Shiba Inu aka The Menswear Dog is the only dog you need to follow for the best satorial advice. 



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Jazzy, a border collie and Cooper, the lab are best friends. The former search and rescue dogs now visit nursing homes and children hospitals and are fond of day time naps. 



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Biggie Smalls the Notorious D.O.G. is a must for hillarious poses and captions. 



Buddy, Boo, & Blue - two pomeranians and a labrador make for the most hilarious trio. There are lot of playing dress-up shots too. 




Travis and Gus are Pointer brothers with a really strong sweater collection. 




This one does exactly what is says on the Instagram handle and showcases the sweetest dogs from around the world. 




Yep the doggy equivalent of rich kids of Insta. 



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