Behold! Your Favourite Disney Princesses Without A Stitch Of Make-Up

Behold! Your Favourite Disney Princesses Without A Stitch Of Make-Up

Belle gets barefaced and Ariel's waterproof make-up gets wiped off in the latest Disney princess re-imagining to hit the net

Disney princesses have been re-imagined more times than we can count this summer - we've seen them with short hair, transformed into their respective love interests and we've even been treated to what they'd look like if they were Kardashians. Now, the latest transformation sees the likes of Belle, Ariel, Frozen's Elsa et al get given the barefaced treatment. 

Banishing the make-up on our fav Disney princesses is Buzzfeed's very own on-staff photoshopping whizz, who has got rid of all their lipstick, eyeliner, eyeshadow, blush and mascara to reveal what the heroines would look like, minus the slap. 

And while they still look pretty perfect - they are cartoons, after all - some of the transformations are seriously drastic. Just take a look at the before and after pics of Elsa above - without the thick shimmer of eyeshadow, full lashes and pink cheeks she looks SO much more realistic (though we still wish our skin looked this fresh sans make-up on our morning commute!)

See how your favourite Disney princess fairs without the help of make-up below...

The Little Mermaid's Ariel
Ariel's lashes have been made finer and her skin shows more blemishes and colour change to the original etching on the left. 

Beauty and the Beast's Belle
Belle's lips have way more less sheen in the transformed image on the right, and her eyes have are totally undefined by mascara.

Aladdin's Jasmine
Jasmine's cat-eye flicks and red lips are a thing of the past in the rendered right image. 

Snow White's, um, Snow White
One thing's for certain, those lips ain't as red as a rose no more...

The Prince and the Frog's Tiana
Gone is Tiana's plum eyeshadow, crimson pout and rouged cheeks - with skin so flawless, she certainly doesn't need the slap.

If there's one thing that Disney does super well, it's creating pretty princesses...

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