Here’s What Disney Films Look Like When The Princesses Tell It Like It REALLY Is

Here’s What Disney Films Look Like When The Princesses Tell It Like It REALLY Is

Your favourite Disney films have been given a makeover from the Princesses very honest and totally feminist points of view, and the outcome is brilliant

Our ultimate internet guilty pleasure has to be all the amazing Disney stuff flying around. In particular, all the brilliant Disney Princess re-imaginings we’ve been treated to in the last few months.

From memory, we’ve seen them reworked with short hair, transformed into their respective love interests and we've even been treated to what they'd look like if they were Kardashians. Yep, that stuff was pure gold.

Now, however, the latest Disney transformation sees the covers of your favourite Disney Princess films get redesigned to better represent what the ladies are actually feeling. Needless to say, the outcome is nothing short of HILARIOUS.

Created by the masterminds at Buzzfeed, the artist responsible has given some of Disney's biggest movies the badass feminist makeover they’ve been crying out for by changing their titles to reflect some of the borderline sexist undertones in the films.

Here are just some of our faves:

Sleeping Beauty
Sure, she may be beautiful, but that ain't a good enough reason to wake any snoozing girl up. That's you told, Prince Phillip...

Since when has a man chasing you down the street been romantic? Srsly.

Beauty And The Beast
Hit the books, the don't hit back...

Princess And The Frog
No, funnily enough, we don't go kissing anyone who comes asking. What gave you that idea?

Snow White
Slaving over a hot stove and cleaning up after seven men is NOT made easier/more bearable/gender appropriate with the help a troupe of cute little forest dwellers.


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