Why Anne Hathaway Is Alive Because of a Diane von Furstenberg Wrap Dress

Why Anne Hathaway Is Alive Because of a Diane von Furstenberg Wrap Dress

Speaking at the What She Said conversation series last night at the W Hotel, Diane von Furstenberg revealed a surprising fact...

Kicking off the What She Said series at the W Hotel was Diane von Furstenberg in conversation with Mary Katrantzou. The series is part of an on-going programme that aims to feature inspirational women from industries such as fashion, music and tech in Q&A style sessions. Last night, both designers Diane and Mary spoke about their journey to the top but it was an anecdote about meeting Anne Hathaway's mother that got the crowd, that included designers from the current CFDA, Fashion Incubator, class really giggling. 

Speaking about significiant moments in her career Diane explained that when she co-hosted an Oscars nominees lunch with Anne Hathaway a few years ago, she met Anne's mother who revealed a somewhat surprising fact to her. Talking about her wrap dresses, Diane relayed the conversation between her and Anne's mother. 'She said to me "I seduced Anne's father in a wrap dress. Well, as a matter of fact I think she may have been conceived in one." Then Anne turns to her mother and says; "Is that the one with the tulip print? She kept the dress!"'  

But the hilarious anecdotes didn't stop there. Here are our highlights:

On why she wanted to set up her own business...

'I wanted to pay my own bills. And sleep with whoever I wanted. The two go hand-in-hand.' 



On what she would tell herself if she could go back in time...

'That maybe I should think about doing a business plan.' 


On how she measures success...

'I was successful when I was on the cover of News Weekly aged 25. That lasted a week! You have to define success in moments, like happiness. You can never feel happy all the time, but you have to relish all the moments of happiness. Same with success, it's the little moments of success tht matter and count. 


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