10 Denim Jackets With An Insta-Cool Twist

10 Denim Jackets With An Insta-Cool Twist
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It's the perfect outerwear when it's a bit too warm for a coat, but too chilly for bare arms. Here are our top 10 denim jackets...

When the weather is changeable, which is pretty much 365 days a year in Britain, it is easy to get sartorially stuck when you're choosing what to wear. The classic coat or no coat is pretty much a daily occurance, but one piece that's sure to get us out of a wardrobe flap is a denim jacket.  

It's bonkersly up and down at the moment, but that's fine as a denim jacket squishes down (without getting ruined or creased) so you can carry around until you need it. If it's chilly in the morning, try layering a denim jacket under a classic tan trench - not only do the colours look great together, but you'll be warm and look Instagram chic at the same time. When it gets really cold, wear under an oversized winter coat for a totally flexi-temperature outfit.

The denim jacket is not just for weekend wear — there are slick tailored and boxy styles that you can work into your work wardrobe. Avoid too much raw hemmage or a light wash and they can be the perfect swap-in for your leather jacket. Wear over an oversized white shirt with tailored trousers and white sneakers for a timeless, day-to-night work look. This is styling at its most fool-proof.

The experimental styles aren't just on the catwalk — the high street have some fun ones, too. Topshop's Vetements-look patchwork style is top of our hit list, and we'll be wearing Zara's fresh oversized throw-on all summer.

Double denim isn't even a thing anymore, it's so norm. Try pairing a black denim jacket with dark blue jeans, double denim in matching indigo or stonewash jeans with an indigo jacket. There used to be rules when it came to doubling up on denim, but now anything goes - it’s all about balance and knowing that denim never goes out of fashion.

Here's our pick of the top 10 denim jackets - for every budget...

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