David Beckham Shares A Very Surprising Style Secret About Wife Victoria

David Beckham Shares A Very Surprising Style Secret About Wife Victoria

David Beckham has revealed the one fashion skill he holds superior to Victoria, and it's rather unexpected...

They’re each style icons in their own right, but that doesn’t mean that David and Victoria Beckham see eye-to-eye in all their fashion endeavours. In a recent interview, the ex-footballer and the designer and face of H&M’s David Beckham collection revealed that there’s one thing that he and his wife categorically can’t agree on—and that’s packing for a trip.

The heartthrob went on to spill that he sees himself as the superior suitcase packer. He said, in a matter of fact manner, ‘I'm one of the best packers you will probably ever meet. I'm obsessed with being ready and having everything in place. I'm very well prepared for any trip that's coming up.’ Way to big up yourself, huh Becks? Although, we really would love to see inside one of his packed suitcases…

He goes on to explain that this is the exact opposite for Victoria, musing: ‘I have friends that take the mickey out of me for it, and my wife is a last-minute packer and nowhere near as organised as me!’

So, while VB might not be the packing pro her husband cares to be, when you’ve got rail after rail of amazing clothes to choose from, it doesn’t really matter what you end up chucking in your suitcase, does it? Oh to be the creative director of your own luxury fashion label…

Now, to remember every outfit his wife has ever worn would certainly be a skill, and while we’re sure her David appreciates her ability to pull off any and every look, it turns out that he much prefers her off-duty looks to her formal, red carpet garb.

In a seperate interview, the 40-year-old revealed that, while he loves seeing his 41-year-old wife all dressed up, he prefers nothing more than seeing her in her casuals.

He said: ‘I actually like her wearing jeans and sneakers the best. She wears our son's pairs of Converse sometimes. But my favourite is when she wears jeans and a pair of Stan Smiths. I think she looks really cool.’

So, there are fours thing that we can away from this:

1. Guys REALLY don’t care about what you wear (most of the time, anyway).

2. We should never underestimate the power of a good pair of jeans. They change lives, and bag you hot husbands, apparently.

3. Victoria has worn at least two pairs of trainers in her lifetime, and one of them belongs to her sweaty teenage son. Who’d have thought, huh?



What is with the turn ups @brooklynbeckham ? Who knew I was so short?! X vb

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It was in the same interview that the heartthrob admitted that he is the one that’s insistent on Harper growing her hair out. How cute is that? 

We feel like we know David Beckham a whole lot more now.

Please excuse us while we GoogleMap the closest Adidas store in our proximity…

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