These Detachable Jeans Are Going To Be A Real Head Turner 

These Detachable Jeans Are Going To Be A Real Head Turner 

There's a new clothing design that's about to become the talk of the town. Ladies and gentlemen, we'd like to introduce you to detachable jeans. You know, for those moments when you leave the house wearing trousers, but you change your mind and decide that shorts would look much better. And by shorts we mean Daisy Dukes so tiny that they might as well be called jean panties.

The clever design is a creation by Y/Project, and they retail for a cool £356 on Even when worn as trousers, the straight-leg jeans are still daring with slits that show off the top of the thigh and a hint of cheek.

We always appreciate the creativity of designers, but social media of course has no chill. The hilarious critics are already sharing their thoughts, and they are not holding back.

It's funny to see the reactions from those who have never seen jeans like this before. But this isn't the first time that Y/Project has pushed the limits on how trousers can be made. If you look up the brand, you'll find denim pieces with multiple cuffs and jeans so long that the hemlines look like ruffles.

Below we've gathered more of their creative designs that are too good not to see.

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