"I Dress Like Cher Everyday:" How Clueless Inspired One Writer's Entire Look 

"I Dress Like Cher Everyday:" How Clueless Inspired One Writer's Entire Look 

As Clueless turns 22, one writer explains how the movie's fashion inspired her entire wardrobe. From matchy-matchy co-ords to sassy sheer, Cher will always be Bonnie McLaren's style icon. 

"UGH, as if Cher Horowitz strutted onto our screens in 1995?! It seems hard to believe that iconic coming-of-age comedy Clueless – which made over $10,000,000 on its opening weekend– has just celebrated its 22nd birthday. Though perhaps it doesn’t seem like that long because Clueless has never really faded from pop culture... I mean, look no further than the video for Iggy Azalea and Charli XCX’s smash hit Fancy.
Aside from being so hilarious and quotable – (“You're a virgin who can't drive!”) – one of the main reasons the film has retained its girly-girl cult status is because it is, undoubtedly, the most fashionable film around. Clueless’ 70s vibe – all that plaid! – has long inspired the catwalks... And the film has even spawned its own merchandise line in Primark, which I can thank for my pair of trusty Clueless trainer socks.

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I might be nineteen, which means I wasn’t even born when the film was released, but Cher, Dionne and Tai (and hey, even Amber!) will always be my heroes for their fearless approach to fashion. And here’s why:
Crazily precise colour co-ordination

Cher and co have their colour co-ordination down to a science. Or, should I say, technology – as Cher’s computer manages to pick out the most iconic outfit of the entire film: her yellow Dolce & Gabbana twinset. Cher, and her computer’s, ability to mix and match colours is something me, and my iPhone, seriously envy in 2017. I do try, though. Most of my wardrobe is blue and pink, so I can try and coordinate in the morning – without the help of a computer programme. (Me – 1 Cher – 0)

Hats, hats and more hats

In my opinion, hats are a seriously underrated accessory. While most lads I know are unafraid of a baseball cap or beanie, not enough girls my age wear hats, which is the ultimate shame, as not only can they complete an outfit, but they can mask the most awful of hair days. From Dionne’s statement plastic top hat to Cher’s understated beret, the 90s chicks know how to put a finishing touch to an ensemble... So, I try (and probably fail) to channel their cool whenever I wear my pink fedora or blue sequinned baseball cap.

Fabulous feathers

Alongside the hats, other key finishing touches to their outfits include feathers, fluff and (faux) fur. While Amber seems to be the queen of feathers, fluff is seen on both Cher and Dionne’s collars and sleeves... And even their accessories, like fluffy bags and shoes! (Dionne cuttingly says to Cher: “Well, at least I wouldn’t skin a collie to make my backpack.”) It’s so feminine and fabulously extra, I mean, even Cher’s pens are adorned with pink fur. Ugh, as if I own pink fluffy heels, bright pink furry boots, fluffy sandals, a fluffy handbag, and a pink fluffy marabou jacket just because of Clueless...

Sassy skirts

Even after being interrogated by her dad, Cher still isn’t afraid to rock her teeny-tiny white Calvin Klein slip dress. But all the girls in the film rock the shortest skirts, with a kind of confidence that is totally enviable. If I wouldn’t get into trouble at work, then I’d be fully prepared to wear a miniskirt every day, with bare legs or knee high socks, a la Clueless style. However, I do like to think of myself as a professional working woman, so I just stick on some tights when I’m wearing my inspired skirt in the office.

Sheer excellence

The fashionistas were well ahead of their time when it came to their mesh and sheer fabrics – just look at how obsessed the high street was with tulle last season. In Clueless their sheer blouses, paired over dresses and camis, managed to look sassy and classy – and never cheap. It’s safe to say that their shirts are a lot classier than the mesh bodysuits, with sequin motifs to cover my nipples, which I wear at festivals... But it’s the thought that counts, right?!"

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