A Guide To The Best Jeans For Your Sexy Curvy Thighs

A Guide To The Best Jeans For Your Sexy Curvy Thighs
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Plus seven pairs to make you feel your sexiest every time you slip them on.

Slipping into the perfect pair of jeans is like finding the holy grail: a pair that cling to and skim your figure in all the right places. But locating your true blues is definitely no easy feat - especially if you don’t know the right cut and wash to look for. But we’re here to help if you want a pair that will flatter curvier thighs.

Whether you’re sporty with got strong muscular thighs or naturally curvy, it can be a tricky task finding denim which fits just right on every inch of your pins. So we’ve called on denim pro Sorcha McCrory, from Bad Denim boutique, and Clémentine Desseaux, model and co-founder of body positive movement All Woman Project. Here are their tips for finding jeans to love now and make you feel your sexiest every time you slip them on.

Key silhouettes

When you’re scouring a rack or skimming a page online it’s important to know which shape and details to keep an eye out for. Sorcha says a “wide leg or flare will be the most flattering, as the wider ankle balances out the thigh.”

Or, if you’re keen to try something more on-trend she suggests the “high A-shape” which is high-waisted, and “slim through the hip”, or a “Barrell” style which is tapered at the ankle and widest across the knee to balance thighs. Clém is also a big fan of a high-waist, and says she feels most confident in a skinny pair “that sucks it all in and makes me feel supported!”

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Your go-to brands

Paige is a winner when it comes to curvier figures, according to Sorcha. They’ve “mastered the art of stretch denim” she says. While’s Levi’s is Clém's fall-back. “I think they work well for curvy figures and have all possible shapes and washes a girl can want,” she says. Also high on their lists are styles from M.i.h and Eve.

The perfect fit

Sizing can vary from brand to brand and according to whether the denim has built-in stretch. So Clém recommends ordering multiple sizes online and trying them on in the comfort of your home. That way there’s “no pressure, no stress,” she says.

So how do you know that a pair fit correctly? “You want jeans to look snug without looking strained,” Sorcha explains. “The waistband should sit on your hips/waist without having to be tugged up every time you bend. If you’re constantly hoisting your jeans up they’re either too big or too tight.”

And if you’re finding that your jeans fit well everywhere except for the waist it could be worth calling in back-up, i.e. taking a trip to the tailors. “For me, the waist is always too big on any given pair,” says Clem. “So I know it’s an extra expense to be accounted for but so so so worth it.”

Ready to shop? Here’s our seven favourite pairs to buy now…


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