BAE-WATCH: Join The Wave of Apres Swimming

BAE-WATCH: Join The Wave of Apres Swimming

No one wants to get wet when you are looking SO prime pool side and now ‘apres swimming’ (copy right goes to our resident Joshington Hosts) is fast becoming to summer jollies what après skiing is to well… winter jaunts. We even have fact to back the trend up, like true professionals: according to ASOS 70% of their swimwear sold NEVER comes into contact with a single drop of water!


Pulling poolside is big business and garnering crutial insta likes seems to be taking precedence over a good old fashion dip. The rules are simple however, just avoid doing the whole heeled sandals and swimwear situation… leave that to TOWIE and co. Here are the 2017 swimwear trends which are perfect for poolside posing from 90s swimsuits, slogan swimmers and the JLO esque swimsuit that does cost a thing…

Naughty 90s Swimsuits

The red swimsuit with a high leg cut screams, “I’ll be readyyy, I’ll be readyyy for you!” Just like David Hasselhoff sometimes an oldie is always a goodie! Like many of the après swimming options this is not ideal for tan lines so maybe get on the fake stuff prior to hitting the sun lounger. Go forth and put the bae into Baywatch.

Buy Now: Goddess Swimsuit in Baewatch, £39, Motel

Slogan Swimmers

Say it loud and say it proud, this is the holiday equvilant of the slogan t-shirt. If you like it wear it on your sleeve, well in this case your cosie.

Buy Now: Reversible Swimsuit, £162, Haight

Take The Plunge

Wardrobe malfunctions are highly likely when approaching après attire. So invest in some solid tit tape, especially if you are going to take the plunge with a deep v-neck.

Buy Now: Deep V Neck Swimsuit, £179, Haight

Rapid Ruffle

The only current this swimsuit will face is the wind chill factor you will get from jealous observers. White swimsuits are always impractical when hitting the water after all, so keep this baby on dry land.

Buy Now: Arden Ruffled One-Shoulder Bonded Swimsuit, £330, Lisa Marie Fernandez

Cut It Out Like JLO

Her love may not cost a thing but her swimsuit does. Keep in the shade to avoid any embarrassing tan lines.

Buy Now: Cut Out Swimsuit, £110, Hunza G

Put The Vision Into Vintage

Want to get waisted to keep it classy? Go for a high waisted bikini in a bygone print.

Buy Now: Gingham Print Cotton Frill Bandeau Swimsuit, £32, ASOS

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