'Mummy, The Boobies!' Jourdan Dunn On Embarrassing Her Son & Her Missguided Haul


Jourdan Dunn: model, mother and sixth member of Girls Aloud

We all know Jourdan Dunn from her high profile campaigns for the likes of Maybelline and her fierce runway strut, but did you know she was also secretly the sixth member of Girls Aloud? To kick off this week’s Joshington Hosts, Miss Dunn took to the stage to cover the Girls Aloud number one hit, Sound of The Underground. It’s not to be missed in the video above!


With the singing and microphone waving out of the way it was onto discussing Jourdan’s collection for Missguided, the aptly named, LonDunn (which is perfect for saying in a proper London East End accent, in case you want to try!). However, as we found out, despite being a fashion icon in the making, her son still gets embarrassed about what she wears: “He (Riley) is always like, ‘Mummy why aren’t you wearing your coat,’ or, ‘Mummy, the boobies!’” Even if Riley doesn't approve we still want to look like Jourdan, so what would Miss Dunn wear to da club and on that crucial first date?

In Da Club Clobber


Sliced satin and mesh dress

Available at Londunn @ Missguided | £25

“You don’t want to be restricted, you want the ass to be free so it can wobble and do its stuff,” says Jourdan. ‘The fabric here is good as it will cling to your ass and allow it to jiggle.” It’s also great as it’s a bit of reveal and conceal which will keep your club conquest guessing… perhaps you have a nipple piercing on the other side after all? You have always got to keep them guessing, girls. In case you want to pose like Jourdan for that club portrait, it’s all about working the slit in your skirt and “tilting your head at different angles to capture that light.”

First Date Dressing


Crop top

Available at Londunn @ Missguided | £12

If you have got lucky in the club and he’s following up with a first date (GOALS!!!), what does one wear? “You can’t go wrong with a two-piece, a nice little crop and a pencil skirt, which always looks great on every figure. If you don’t have curves it clings to you and makes you look like you got something and if you do it makes everything look good. Then rock this bomber off the shoulder.”


Ribbed pencil skirt

Available at Londunn @ Missguided | £18

After all, we are all about wearing a coat as an accessory at the moment. "My son is always like: 'Mummy, why don’t you wear your coat properly?’ I am like, ‘no bubba it's style, it’s style babes, you don’t know!’”


Faux fur hooded coat

Available at Londunn @ Missguided | £70

Jourdan also shares some handy tips for dating. “Give yourself a limit with the drinks, don’t go over three. If you can keep it to two do, because that third one can make and break the date and something could happen, might not happen, it depends on your self control.” So maybe don’t go in for that tequila slammer then…


Backless top

Available at Londunn @ Missguided | £30

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