10 Things Every Woman Must Own

10 Things Every Woman Must Own
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“Oh, you work in fashion? It must be so hard deciding what to wear everyday”. One of the most common phases I hear due to being a stylist; but this really isn’t the case, I am a 10-minute blitz and out the door kind-a-girl, and the reason being, I rely on key wardrobe essentials that I literally wear over and over.

Whilst I love a trend, don’t get me wrong, more often then not the monthly pay just doesn’t stretch far enough to invest in every single one, I don’t think the size of my wardrobe would cope either! So to make getting dressed a total breeze no matter what the occasion, ensure you have every one of these in your wardrobe and be the uber cool, stylish babe you always knew you could be…


NYC nights ✨🥂

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