Exclusive: Meet Our Gorgeous November Cover Star - Cheryl Fernandez-Versini

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She's got a new man, new hair and whole new attitude to life. Find out why there's no messing with Mrs Fernandez-Versini...

For our October issue, Team InStyle headed to Dagenham Civic Centre near Essex to shoot the gorgeous Cheryl Fernandez-Versini. All marble and art deco inspired interiors, it was the perfect location to shoot Cheryl in autumn/ winter 2015's biggest trends - think Jackie O meets Don Draper's second wife with trouser suits, graphic prints and silky pussybow blouses. 

Once the shoot had finished, Cheryl bundled herself up in a fluffy white bathrobe to chat with InStyle's Deputy Editor Emily Dean, shunning the offer of a private room and settling instead for the catering area where she immediately brought up the joys of the end-of-day bra removal: 'I literally just pull it through my sleeves, isn't it the best?' 

Here's a sneak peek of what else she told us in our November issue, out now. Plus watch the video above to see what really happened on-set and how Cheryl fared in on our hilarious this or that challenge. 

On the speculation about her weight loss... 

'It's crazy double standards. You'd never be allowed to say to somebody, "Oh, you look a bit fat." And being overweight is unhealthy – it's actually a bad message to tell someone who is obese that they look "curvy" or "great". But you know what? After this length of time, there's nothing I can hear about myself that I haven't already heard.'

On being dumped from The X-Factor (US) by Simon Cowell…

'I never thought his decision was wrong; I just thought how he handled it was wrong. There's way to do it, you know what I mean? You've got to face up to these things. We didn't speak for months a lot of hard work had to be done – but I think it stems from Simon being a really soft-hearted person deep down. As ballsy as his decisions are, he finds it hard to say it to your face sometimes. But he knows he was in the wrong now.'

On what it's like to be married to her...

'Well, I think I'm low maintenance, but maybe I'm deluded. I know my environment isn't easy -  my day gets planned out in advance all the time, so I'm like "Oh, actually change that. We can't meet tonight."

On resolving marital rows…

'Well, I'm not a sulker; I've learnt how to express my feelings in a calm way, even if I do want to shout. And if I shout? You know it's bad. But I save it for the big things – I never lose it over the toilet seat being left up.'

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On What The X-Factor Is Really Like...

'I'm going to be tougher this year. I'm like a sponge and I'm too sensitive. It was making us ill with stress and worry. People think, "Oh, she's sitting there in a pretty dress," but I get so wrapped up in the arguments that the contestants are having. It affects me.'

Photographs: Tung Walsh 

Photographer's assistant: Daniel Kinloch

Styling: Amy Bannerman 

Stylist's assistant: Lulu Wentworth 

Makeup: Sharon Dowsett

Hair: Dayaruci 

Nails: Marge Christodoulou 

Videography: Viet Tran

Read the full interview with Cheryl Fernandez-Versini in the November issue of InStyle out now. 


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