How To Dress Like An Editor at Fashion Week

How To Dress Like An Editor at Fashion Week
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Victoria Adamson
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Take your style cues from our editors with these Fashion Week looks.

And that's the end of Fashion Month! Look back on InStyle editor Charlotte Moore's outfits from New York, London, Milan and Paris... 

In addition to providing us with ways to seriously step up our style game, Charlotte also shares her favourite Fashion Week style moment, the label to lust after, and her top tips for surviving Fashion Month. Take note.

1. Describe your style philosophy. The only person who needs to like it is you.

2. If you could only wear one label for the rest of your life, what would it be?
I could never in a million years just pick one label. I am the most skittish person when it comes to clothes. I fall in love a piece instantly and fall out of love with it just as fast. Right now I have three pieces from J.W.Anderson. That probably means I'm pretty smitten.

3. Favourite outfit you've ever worn to Fashion Week?
I absolutely loved wearing one of the print Preen dresses from the Star Wars collection. But the best (and worst) thing about going to the shows is that everyone at InStyle always makes a big effort and you get to wear all the pieces you really love and never, ever feel too dressed up.

4. Have you got a Fashion Week ‘uniform’ and if so, what is it?
For the Autumn/Winter collections it's always about having at least four great coats. When it kicks off in February it's always bloody freezing and you spend a lot of time racing from the car to the show trying not to let the wind/rain/snow etc wreck your hair. A really good statement coat, in a great colour or with interesting details, always makes me feel well put together. You can pretty much get away with any outfit underneath so long as you update your shoes, too. 

5. What will we always find in your handbag during Fashion Week?
- My notebook. I sometimes write notes on my phone, but I hate the idea that it looks like I'm texting. I am so not. I think that's incredibly rude
- Two phones (work and personal). This can be very annoying for the rest of my team, as I'm always losing one or panicking about it
- My glasses – another thing I dread losing
- Some makeup and a hair-brush, but once we get started on the day I always forget to reapply and spend most of the day looking bedraggled. I need to improve on this front!

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