Meet Minna Parikka, The Bunny Ears Shoe Designer Celebrities LOVE

Meet Minna Parikka, The Bunny Ears Shoe Designer Celebrities LOVE

Ever wondered if the thing your shoes are missing is a pair of bunny ears? Taylor and Cara certainly think so.

When Minna Parikka started designing shoes aged 15 in her native Helsinki, Finland, she probably never imagined her shoes would become an Instagram sensation. But her ‘bunny sneakers’ are the current favourite footwear of Cara Delevingne, who to date has had a total of 2,349,000 likes on her Instagram pictures of the shoes. WOWZAS. The sneakers, which have a pair of leather bunny ears in place of a tongue, are also a favourite of singer Ella Eyre and style blogger Ella Catliff, and though they sound a bit weird when you describe them, they look super-cute (and weirdly, not at all weird) once you’ve styled them up with skinny jeans or a jersey mini skirt. And if the high tops aren’t your thing, they also come in a low version, complete with fluffy bunny tail. I caught up with Minna to find out what gave her the idea in the first place.

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“The ears have been in the collection for several years. Last year I decided to make a trainer version, which had a very simple and clean outline but with a pair of bunny ears sticking out of them. Just like there would be a little bunny rabbit hiding in your shoe! I love using nature and animal themes in my designs in a humorous and cartoon-y way. I have always been allergic to all animals so I guess this is my way of compensating that I never had a pet as a child.”

The other shoes with bunny ears that Minna is referring to include her black and white leather loafers, which can be found in the wardrobe of Taylor Swift.
So what does it feel like to see celebrities wearing your designs? “Cara really is one of my favorite faces in fashion so it is so great to see that she has joined our bunny girl army. Also Lady Gaga has been wearing my more outrageous styles. It is amazing to see such strong style icons and women wear my designs since they would have all the brands in the world to choose from.”

If you want to get your hands (or feet, a’hem) on a pair of Minna’s quirky designs, head to her website (there's a sale on at the moment, guys!). And don’t be put off by those prices in Euros; she ships to the UK for free.

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