There Must Be Some Toros In The Atmosphere! The Bring It On Cast Reunite After 15 Years

There Must Be Some Toros In The Atmosphere! The Bring It On Cast Reunite After 15 Years

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of, let’s face it, one of the best films EVER made, the cast of Bring It On have reunited in very spirited style

It seems like only yesterday that we were chanting the immortal words ‘there must be some Toros in the atmosphere’ in unison with our BFFs at any given opportunity. Now, in the blink of an eye, it’s been 15 years since Bring It On first came into our lives, and we still can’t quite believe that we never fulfilled our own cheerleading destinies.  

To honour the milestone anniversary, the cast of the iconic teen flick have reunited, and it was everything we hoped it would be.

Getting together to chat to Entertainment Weekly about their time working on the film, Kirsten Dunst (Torrance), Eliza Dushku (Missy), Gabrielle Union (Isis) and Jesse Bradford (Cliff) couldn’t help but pull off some cheerleading moves as they posed for a quick snap. Brilliant. Oh, and don’t they look EXACTLY the same? Time has been kind to this gorgeous lot…

Kirsten—who, it goes without saying, has gone on to have a stellar career of her own—revealed her initial worries about the project, saying: ‘I was like, “A cheerleading movie?” It sounded like it could have been a cheesy teen movie, but what sealed the deal for me was talking to the director on the phone. He was just so smart.’

Indeed, the film has gone on to give us some of the most hilarious quotes of teen movie history—and let’s not forget those infamous cheers.

So, as a homage to Bring It On’s 15th anniversary, we’ve whittled down the badass rhymes and greatest one liners from the film. Grab your pom poms and reminisce in all of the spirited glory, below…

‘She puts the 'itch' in bitch.’

‘She puts the 'whore' in horrifying.’

‘I understand you have underwear up your ass right now, but it beats the hell out of a shattered skull. Think about it.’

‘I said brrr, it’s cold in here…’

‘Report those compliments to your ass before it gets so big it forms its own website.’

‘They should call us, 'inspiration-leaders' instead.’

‘I’m sexy, I’m cute, I’m popular to boot…’

‘Hey, did you guys enjoy the show? Were the ethnic festivities to your liking today?’

‘This is not a democracy, it’s a cheerocracy.’

‘Oh, yeah! We’re sweet, we got the whip, we can’t be beat…’

‘Big red has no feelings. Just testicles.’

‘Follow me or perish, sweater monkeys.’

‘Hey Torrance, get over here. My brother wants to check out your rack.’

We know what we’ll be watching tonight…

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