These Birds All Look Like Gucci’s AW16 Collection

These Birds All Look Like Gucci’s AW16 Collection

It’s David Attenborough’s 90th birthday this weekend! Wonder if that’s why Alessandro Michele made so much of his Gucci AW16 collection look like birds…

It’s the question fashion journalists always ask designers after their catwalk shows: what was your inspiration for this collection? And when it comes to Gucci’s AW16 designs, we feel certain that if we asked its creative director Alessandro Michele, he’d tell us that it was David Attenborough. Because surely it can’t be a coincidence that so many of the looks he sent down the catwalk in February looked EXACTLY like birds and that Dave turns 90 this weekend?! Either that, or Alessandro’s a secret twitcher. Whatever, we’re running with it. Enjoy...

This is a canary. He’s so AW16 it hurts.

This is a bird of paradise. He’s getting ready for his big red carpet moment.

This is a blue footed booby. He’s so happy about having the best name in ornithology he’s doing a little jig.

This is a white ibis. You can’t see it in this shot, but he has a little red bag to match his beak.

This is a vulture. He’s actually a really nice guy, in spite of appearances.

This is a kingfisher. He's got a pair of those geek chic specs but he only needs them for reading.

This is a greater yellowlegs. He’s a bit pissed off that the rest of him isn’t nearly as snazzy as his pins.

This is a hooded oriole. He has an amazing collection of trainers.

This is a flamingo. He's pink AF.

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