What To Wear In The Rain If You Don’t Like Wellies

What To Wear In The Rain If You Don’t Like Wellies

Guys, you live in Britain...here’s how to look great in the rain…WITHOUT wellies

Don’t get me wrong; Wellington boots are BRILLIANT in the right circumstances (country walks, festivals, if you’re 6, actually having to wade through mud etc) but they just look a bit weird if you wear them to work with your office attire. Unless you work on a farm, in which case, go for your life.


So what can you wear when the weather is unbearable and still look cool? As a footwear obsessive - you can read my blog about flat shoes at EnBrogue.com - I’ve come up with some solutions that I’ve tried and tested and that really, really work. Here are my top tips for what to wear in the rain.

Vibram soles

If you’re a fan of masculine dress shoes but don’t want to ruin them, opt for something with a Vibram sole rather than a leather one. Leather soles are not only a bit slippery on wet surfaces, but they won’t like the rain at all. Grenson’s Vibram soles are my favourite – I’ve worn them in the rain and even the snow (their shoes come up a bit big too, so there’s room for snugly socks) and they’ve never let me down. The leather that the shoe is constructed from is also such good quality that it’s waterproof and still looks great, even after being caught in heavy downpours.

Grenson Alice boots, £250, grenson.co.uk

White leather trainers

Not all trainers work well in wet weather. Nylon (not waterproof), canvas (also not waterproof) and suede (will get ruined) are definitely fabrics to avoid. White leather trainers are brilliant though, and just so happen to look lovely with tailored trousers and pencil skirts, if that’s the kind of workplace you have to walk to.

adidas Superstar trainers, £70, adidas.co.uk

Rubber shoes

Not as weird as it sounds, actually. Converse does its classic Chuck Taylor All Stars in rubber, so they’re totally waterproof but still make sense with the rest of your wardrobe. Oh, and because they’re boots, they’ll keep your ankles dry, too. I wear mine with skinny turned up jeans and a Breton stripe top. You can’t go wrong with such a classic look (although a yellow fisherman jacket might be a step too far…).

Converse Ctas High Rubber boots, £55, converse.com


What? OK I admit, I made that word up. And yes, I also admit that TECHNICALLY speaking, they are wellies. But because they are ankle boots they are SO much easier to integrate with your normal wardrobe. Plus they look a hell of a lot cooler. In fact, I’ve been tempted to wear mine when it’s completely dry just because I like them so much.


Isle Jacobsen boots, £59, cloggs.co.uk

So there's what to wear, but here are 7 shoes you should never attempt to wear in a downpour

1. Anything with a crepe sole

2. Ballet pumps
Might as well not wear shoes

3. Canvas Converse
We’ve all learnt that one the hard way


4. Flip Flops
See ballet pumps

5. Stilettos
Not practical at the best of times. But in the rain…?!

6. Anything suede/velvet
They won’t like it. They won’t like it at all.

7. Very pointed toes
Unless you like looking like an elf (the water will make the toes curl up!)

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