Forget Prisma: 11 REAL Fashion Illustrators You Need To Follow On Instagram

Forget Prisma: 11 REAL Fashion Illustrators You Need To Follow On Instagram
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We’ve all gone mad for the new Prisma app on Instagram, but here is some proper talent that you really should be following

When I first tried the new Prisma app earlier this week my opinion was totally split. “This will look AMAZING on Instagram!” was my first reaction as I made a photo of me and my dog look like something you might expect to find hanging on the walls in the new Switch House extension at Tate Modern. But as a part-time illustrator myself (I have a very niche subject matter for my watercolours: flat shoes - see above) I couldn’t help but feel like I was cheating. Not only that, it worried me that apps like Prisma could undermine the work of some of the incredibly talented illustrators that I love and follow on Instagram.

But the reason someone had the bright idea to create Prisma in the first place is because illustration is so popular on Instagram. So I’ve decided that rather than worry about it, I would share some of my favourites so that you can enjoy them too. And maybe you’ll even be inspired to get out your paintbrushes rather than download that app...

1. Unskilledworker
Completely self-taught, this London-based illustrator with an incredibly distinctive style was discovered by photographer Nick Knight via her Instagram account. She’s probably best known for the work she has done with Gucci.


2. Orchlondon
A new follow for me, and great if you love menswear, dapper-looking chaps and socks. Here’s a cute illo of the model Richard Biedul.


3. Buttonfruit
Buttonfruit is Gill Button. She’s mostly a portrait artist but works with fashion brands like Dries Van Noten and recently collaborated with @thefashionogrophy on a series, including this image of the Vetements stylist and muse Lotta Volkova.


4. Travelwritedraw
Meagan Morrison’s account is full of enviable travel snaps as well as her art, as she travels the world of fashion.


5. Rafaelmantesso
Rafael’s illustrations all revolve around his English bull terrier, Jimmy Choo (Jimmy has appeared in campaigns for his namesake shoe brand). The man and his dog have also published a book together.


6. Drawbertson
No list of instagram fashion illustrators would be complete without Donald Robertson, who started publishing his sketches in 2012 after his assistant set up an account for him.

Happy Friday

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7. Miss_magpie_spy
I love seeing these super-cute illustrations in progress on Insta-videos, but with the many live events she does in store, if you’re lucky you might be able to catch her live as well.


8. Bildonovan
Totally gorgeous catwalk watercolours from this New York-based artist. Here's Kendall Jenner in Chanel.


9. Thedailytrait
Forget selfies: Michael Dudley illustrates his #ootd. If it wasn’t more time consuming I would love to do the same!


10. Blairz
With an emphasis on 60s and 70s chic, big hair and even bigger sunglasses, this account is a must for retro lovers.


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11. Saraberman1
This former fashion designer now paints people and cheese plants. What’s not to love?

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