Arabella On: The Most Stylish (And Delicious!) Chocolate Eggs To Buy This Easter

Arabella On: The Most Stylish (And Delicious!) Chocolate Eggs To Buy This Easter

Yes it's that time of year again. Lindt bunny day. Oh no sorry, Easter. As the office chocoholic, I was nominated for the very hard task of testing out this season's Easter Egg selection. So, here are some of the most stunning, stylish and delicious eggs around this year...

Wheat free. Dairy free. Gluten free. Sugar free. Whatever free. All those good intentions seem to be conveniently forgotten when Easter arrives.

As a total chocolate addict, Easter is my favourite holiday of the year. Where would we be without Lindt Bunny day?! And aren't Cadbury's Creme Eggs classed as protein as they are an egg (yes I know, I'm really pushing it here).

As the office chocoholic I've taken on the difficult task of testing out the some of the most stunning, stylish and downright tasty Easter eggs around this year. I know, it’s a tough job but someone's got to do it. I took this very seriously, and it was a very scientific process, which I can’t possibly explain.

Some of the eggs were (almost!) too pretty to eat, but of course that didn't stop me. So in the name of research – and with a little help from some other members of the fashion team (when I felt like sharing) – we tasted, nibbled, munched and consumed vast quantities of chocolate, to settle on the best.

So after much deliberation, here's my verdict of the most tasty and stylish Easter eggs on offer in 2016. Now you can decide which one you want the Easter bunny to bring you. Enjoy!

1. Selfridges Selection Milk Chocolate Easter Egg £39.99

Time to join the dots with this Easter egg adorned with signature Selfridges yellow discs. Made from silky smooth milk chocolate, it has been crafted exclusively for Selfridges by The Chocolate Society.

2. Melt Dragon Eggs £19.99

Inspired by the Game of Thrones Dragon Eggs, Drogo, Viserion and Rhaegal, Melt present a trio of small milk chocolate Dragon Eggs, nestled in a Melt gift box. Easter at its most modern and perfect for all those die hard GOT fans out there.

3. The Chocolate Society Artisan Blonde Chocolate Easter Egg £29.95, Harvey Nichols

The Chocolate Society is well known for its effortless style and unrivalled ability to somehow make chocolate look almost as good as it tastes. Using a pink and white lustre powder to create something truly special and unique. It even comes complete with caramelised hazelnut truffles, I won’t judge you if you don’t want to share!

4. Charbonnel et Walker Easter Egg Fine Milk and Dark Chocolate Selection Box £35

Inspired by William Morris and the Arts & Crafts movement, this beautifully illustrated Easter egg selection box is filled with the most delicious milk and dark chocolates including my favourite rose and violet creams. Perfect to pass around with the hot cross buns. 

5. Fortnum & Mason Six Golden Praline Eggs £25

Six real hen egg shells have been intricately hollowed, painted gold and then filled to the brim with praline chocolate. Crack as you would a real egg and enjoy the chocolate hazelnut goodness hidden inside. Quick tip - if you heat them gently and crack them like you would a boiled egg you can dip brioche soldiers into the melted chocolate! 

5. Hotel Chocolate Caramel Easter Egg Sandwich £10

Everyone loves Easter eggs, and everyone loves egg sandwiches. So Hotel Chocolate have put the two together and made an Easter egg sandwich! Perfect caramel chocolate, sandwiched with caramel chocolate half-eggs and presented in a classic takeaway sandwich box for a fun and cheeky twist on the traditional Easter gift. Can I get away with having this instead of my Pret sandwich for lunch?

6. Paul A Young Billi Bunny £9.95

I am a big fan of Paul A Young's chocolates (and not just because he is a fellow redhead). Having attended one of his Chocolate Masterclasses recently, what this man doesn't know about chocolate isn't worth knowing. This Easter meet Billi bunny, filled with honey and Madagascan vanilla caramel - it's so delicious. Unfortuantely he's not available online, so you will have to go into one of his shops to find this little fellow. 

7. Pierre Marcolini The Cat £31

This year follow Maison Pierre Marcolini as it slides down the raibbit hole for a journey into Wonderland with some of the most stylish and amazing looking Easter treats around. This dark chocolate egg filled with 6 delicious minature eggs willl leave you grinning like the Cheshire Cat.

8. Prestat Sea Salt Caramel Dark Chocolate Easter Egg £16

A dark chocolate egg is always top of my list but then packed with cocoa-dusted truffles filled with luscious full-cream caramel and sea salt... my mouth is watering at the thought. 


9. Rococo Chocolates Milk Honeycomb Artisan Egg £25

An exquisitely beautiful milk chocolate egg with hand-painted bumble bees, filled with delicious honeycomb inside. All packaged in a classic and very useful Rococo box. Far too pretty to eat, but remember to keep the box when you finally do. 

10. The Cocoabean Company All Over Sprinkle Easter Egg £11, John Lewis

Remember the days of pick n' mix white chocolate discs covered in hundreds and thousands? This luxurious handmade Easter egg made from the finest Belgian milk chocolate and covered in thousands of tiny coloured sprinkles will bring out the inner child in you.



11. Pierre Herme Petit Lapin Inspired By Francois Pompom £23

If the classic round egg is not for you then this stylish dark chocolate rabbit with hints of citrus fruit, red berry and spices would look just as good on your mantle piece as it will too eat.

12. Daylesford Large Chocolate Legbar Egg £40

This egg has been exclusively designed for Daylesford to look like the blue eggs laid by their legbar chicken. It's made from rich creamy milk chocolate enrobed in blue chocolate naturally dyed with spirulina – and blue is so on trend for next season.


13. Natalie Giant Milk Chocolate Rooster £10, John Lewis

This beautifully foiled large hollow milk chocolate Easter Rooster if a fun and colourful alternative that will have everyone clucking for more.

Booja Booja Organic Champagne Truffle Small Easter Egg £9.99,

For those looking for a vaguely healthier alternative to the Easter egg, then look no further. These delicious Champagne truffles are organic, dairy free, gluten free, GMO free (phew) and come in a beautiful hand painted small wooden Easter egg made by Kashmiri artists that will last longer than the chocolates themselves. 

But if you fancy a healthier treat – or just need a break from all the chocolate – then check out my favourite Nutribullet recipes to make at home.

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