WATCH: Bella Hadid On Getting THAT Bum

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And she has the greatest chat up line possibly ever.

Prior to making her Victoria’s Secret debut, Bella Hadid caught up pre show with our resident vlogger, Joshington Hosts backstage. In a break between having her mane curled into shape by diamante tongs (yes really) the model and sister to Gigi took on the ‘clutch challenge.’

With only two minutes to answer as many questions as possible the face of Dior beauty tried out her best chat up lines and confessed to which angel’s ass she wants, whilst being scantily dressed in only her finest undies and a Victoria’s Secret pink silk dressing gown- natch. I mean what else should a girl wear midday on a Wednesday?

Joshington Hosts: What body part would you swap with another Victoria’s Secret angel?

Bella Hadid: Kelly (Gales) ass.

JH: If you could train only one part of your body for the rest of your life what would it be?

BH: My ass!

JH: How often do you train your ass?

BH: Recently everyday, hopefully it looks good!

JH: What’s your trademark dance move?

BH: No dance move… I just do a little jig.

JH: If you could swap wardrobes with another angels whose would it be?

BH: Martha (Hunt) because she’s so fricking cute.

JH: What’s your go-to chat up line?

BH: Are you from Tennessee? Because you are the only ten I see! I haven’t used it before, but I will now.

JH: What would you steal from your sister’s wardrobe?

BH: Her boots. She has the best shoes EVER!

JH: What’s the most annoying thing she’s stolen from your wardrobe?

BH: She’s taken a sweatshirt and won’t give it back!

JH: What’s the longest time you have taken between having a shower?

BH: Oh I shower everyday! (Bella smells super fresh too. FYI.)

JH: Side boob or under boob?

BH: Both at the same time with one little nipple cover.

JH: Whose your biggest girl crush?

BH: Giselle or Kate, either one, I will take either!

JH: Possible threesome?

BH: (Laughs) maybe!

Well guys one thing is for sure, Bella Hadid is now officially our number one girl crush. Don't forget to click here to subscribe to Joshington Hosts so you NEVER miss an episode. Like EVER.

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