How To Be More Fashion For Less Than A Tenner

How To Be More Fashion For Less Than A Tenner

Our fashion features editor’s top 7 tips to look totally AW16 for less than £10

As the sun has come out this week, I’m inevitably thinking about freshening up my wardrobe. And because I work in fashion and already putting together the September and October issues of InStyle, I’m not even thinking about summer trends, I’m thinking about what I saw on the catwalk for autumn/winter 2016. Luckily, there are plenty of new styling tricks you can do right now that will make you, like, SO next season without being too hot and sticky during the summer months. The best bit? None of them will cost you more than £10. You’re welcome.

1. Invest heavily in socks

Socks are such a big deal next season that you should get used to the idea of baring your legs nice and early. Like, now. We managed it at school, so we can deal with it again, right? And unless you’re buying 100% cashmere, there’s no need to remortgage the house. The top style for next season is oversized Argyle, as seen at Prada and Tod’s (above). Get the look by buying men’s socks and wearing with chunky walking boots (so you can’t see that they’re too big on your feet).

COST: £8,

2. Be more cat

Forget mad cat woman connotations, because next season is all about kitties and no-one can touch you for it. From actual cat prints at Dolce and Gabbana and Marc Jacobs, to huge cat necklaces at Loewe (above). Pick yourself up a feline fancy for a quick fashion fix. Meow!

COST: £9.70,

3. A’hoy sailor!

The show we all swooned over at Milan fashion week (other than Gucci, obvs) was Prada (above), which was a sort of highland fling-sailor mash-up. Sounds so wrong, but was actually so right. The easiest way to tap into Miuccia’s vibe is with a jaunty hat, which you can pick up from a fancy dress shop for virtually nothing. And a great alternative to the ubiquitous straw trilby come festival season…

COST: £2.80,

4. Crochet today

Because this country CANNOT be relied upon to obey the seasons (don’t get carried away with the heatwave, peeps; let’s not forget it SNOWED last week), it’s good to have a leg coverage option, and next season’s crochet tights are perfect. A bit of warmth when there’s a chilly breeze, but ventilation holes in case it gets warmer throughout the day. Extra points for deliberately twisting the pattern around your legs, as seen at Burberry (above).

COST: £7,

5. Recycle old jewellery

You know all that old jewellery that you never wear anymore? Put it to good use by decorating your clothes with it, because AW16 is all about being a magpie. Hang some of your old earrings from a jumper or jacket, for example - see Christopher Kane, Alexander McQueen (above) and Delpozo for inspiration - or use an old bracelet in the laces of your boots, as Preen did at their London show. Job done.

COST: Nothing

6. Leggings-eleven

In more legs news, in addition to socks and crochet tights, you are officially given permission to wear leggings again, as of now. My favourite look is under dresses and skirts, seen at Celine (above) and Valentino – the latter even showcased stirrup leggings paired with ballet pumps, if you want a really high fashion look. Another win for suffers of the inclement ‘great’ British summertime.

COST: £7.99,

7. Back of the net


Attach some brightly coloured mesh fabric to a hat you already own (or find one in a charity shop). No sewing required; simply knot the fabric at the back of your head with cotton or transparent hair ties like a ponytail, a la Gucci. Easy.

COST: from £1.29,

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