The Most Memorable Pieces of Jewellery in Film

The Most Memorable Pieces of Jewellery in Film
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There are many iconic movies, but only a handful that are engrained-in-your-brain-forever classics. These are the films where specific scenes can be recited without missing a heartbeat. Titanic? Our Pavlovian response is “paint me like one of your French girls.” Pretty Woman? Scene: Julia Roberts hysterically laughing after Richard Gere playfully closes the jewellery box on her hand.

But what is it about certain films that make them unforgettable? Perhaps it’s the acting, the cinematography, and the plethora of other Oscar nominee categories. Or, we think jaw-dropping diamonds will do the trick. Recall all of the beautiful period pieces (like Cleopatra, Marie Antoinette, or Anna Karenina) and sure, the costumes and makeup are inarguably on point—but it’s really the baubles that bring the historically accurate aesthetic to life.

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Below, we highlight some of our absolute favourite jewelry moments on the silver screen

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