Lulu Wentworth

Lulu Wentworth


I knew I wanted to work in fashion from the age of twelve. After leaving school I studied Fashion Communication with Promotion at Central Saint Martins, which was brilliant because I cemented friendships with designers, PRs and stylists who still work in fashion (contacts are everything in this industry!). While I was still studying, I started my first internship at iD magazine. This is where I had my first taste of lugging monstrous suitcases across London to return sample clothes!

Before getting my job at InStyle I interned at ES Magazine, was fashion assistant at TANK Magazine and assisted Francesca Burns, the Fashion Director at GQ Style. With Fran I learnt that discipline and organization are absolutely key to being a good fashion assistant. You can be prepping two or three shoots at once, so there’s no room for mistakes.

To work in fashion you have to really want it; you have to be willing to give up your social life and work long hours for very little money and with very little warning of when you may be needed. It’s hard work and although sometimes it IS glamorous, the majority of the time it’s not. Don’t even consider this job if you can’t deal with early mornings and late nights or carrying heavy suitcases. But the people you meet and the places you go – I’ve traveled to Paris, New York, L.A. and India - make it totally worthwhile. Every week is different and every week I realise how lucky I am to do what I do. To see a typical day in my life as a fashion assistant, check out my video diary.

Lulu Wentworth, senior fashion assistant