'70s Female Fashion Icons: 10 Who Inspire Our Wardrobes On A Daily Basis

'70s Female Fashion Icons: 10 Who Inspire Our Wardrobes On A Daily Basis
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The '70s is a huge trend for Autumn Winter 2015, so what better place to look for inspiration than to the past. Here are the most stylish 1970s icons to inspire your wardrobe

What year is it? The '70s fashion trend is so huge that we are starting to get confused...

I will let you in to a little secret. But don't tell anyone. It is a fashion editor's trick to draw on the past for shoot inspiration (and also personal wardrobe inspiration...). I am a huge fan of '70s style and have always emulated it in my look. I love hunting for amazing vintage pieces on Etsy and eBay, and it is great that now they can be mixed with the '70s-inspired pieces available on the high street. It makes your look much more modern, and less retro fancy dress party. Also it means that you won't see anyone else wearing the same outfit – phew!

I am such a fan of this decade because it’s so feminine and sexy, but not in an overt way. Worn with heels, the flare really elongates your legs and your whole silhouette. Paired with a fitted top it really is one of the most flattering things you can wear. I like teaming my super-tight, super-flared jeans (my Frame Karlie Kloss pair are the best) with a fitted cardigan buttoned up and worn backwards (Uniqlo does great ones). Don't worry, I'm not having a breakdown, it means that from the front you look totally demure (and as though you have supermodel legs) and then you see a flash of skin on your back. Now if that isn't a great date night outfit, I don't know what is!


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