7 Eighties Style Icons To Inspire Your AW15 Wardrobe

7 Eighties Style Icons To Inspire Your AW15 Wardrobe

From Alexis Colby to, err, Captain Sensible; here are the Eighties stars that we will be basing our new season wardrobes on. Yes, really!

The Eighties is a MASSIVE trend for autumn-winter 2015, and if you’re old enough to remember that particular decade, this news might make you shudder. But our good old contemporary designers have taken elements that might have gone out of favour five years before anyone coined the phrase ‘Britpop' and made them appealing again. Bright boxy jackets? Bring it on. Frilly collars? Yes please. Dungarees? To be honest, we were already well on board with that one anyway. Here are our favourite catwalk looks that may or may not have been inspired by some of the Eighties’ favourite faces.

1. Alexis Colby at J.W. Anderson

Jonathan Anderson might be a bit obsessed with the Eighties – his collection for Loewe was also influenced by the same decade – and at the J.W. Anderson show we started humming the theme to Dynasty. Because with all those silver dresses and boxy jackets, we couldn’t help but think of Joan Collins’ amazing super-bitch character Alexis Colby (if you don't know who she is, have a watch of the brilliant video below).

2. Paula Yates at Saint Laurent

Mrs Bob Geldof was all over that Fifties-inspired vintage look that was a big hit in the Eighties, and we reckon she would have approved of Saint Laurent’s rock n roll collection for AW15. That shorter hemline and tailored jacket bring the look right up-to-date.

3. Salt n Pepa at Moschino

This wasn’t the only evidence of the Eighties we saw at Moschino - Flava Flav from hip hop outfit Public Enemy had a penchant for wearing massive clocks around his neck like this – but it’s the Salt n Pepa-style brightly coloured dungarees that we will be adding to our own wardrobes.

4. Kate Bush at Alberta Ferretti

Everyone’s favourite slightly bonkers but totally brilliant singer-songwriter Kate Bush next, and Alberta Ferretti showed numerous white flowing white dresses on the catwalk that you could imagine her wearing to do a spot of contemporary dance in (see video evidence below).

5. Lady Di at Chanel

Before she became a princess, Lady Diana Spencer was REALLY fond of a frilly collar. The catwalk took a step on from last season’s Edwardian collar for AW15, going bigger and frillier at Chanel. This is what you call a power neckline.

6. Captain Sensible at Gucci

Captain Sensible was previously of punk band The Damned before a questionable pop career, during which he released a cover of the South Pacific musical tune ‘Happy Talk’. Hmm. Anyway, he has a signature look - a red beret -and somehow, Gucci managed to make them look cool (something Captain Sensible never quite achieved, let’s be honest).

7. Bananarama at Bottega Veneta

Polka dots are about as Eighties as it gets, but don’t let your Bananarama influences stop there. Before Stock Aitken and Waterman got their hands on them and made them into a pop machine, they were REALLY cool. Just check out the video below for more sartorial brilliance.


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