Is Your Desk Depressing You? 5 Ways To Make It A MUCH Happier Place In 2016…

Is Your Desk Depressing You? 5 Ways To Make It A MUCH Happier Place In 2016…

Pinterest eat your heart out; we've got the 5 best ways to take your office from drab to fab for 2016

1. Nail Your Lighting

Let's be honest there's nothing less flattering than a glaring halogen strip light. Bad for your skin, your eyes and your mood, it's time to get rid of the complexion killing lights and go for something a little more calming and flattering. A few well placed lamps will do just the trick. A small desk light and a few uplighting floor lamps will create softer and less harsh light. Perfect for lifting those dark office corners and getting just the right lighting for all your new office selfies. 

2. Get Creative

Offices can be boring. Fact. Shake yours up by getting creative with your workplace surroundings. If you're allowed (or you're the boss) replace the usual magnolia walls with awesome blackboard paint. Ideal for writing to do lists, important memos or just doodling, a black statement wall that's wipe clean will impress at the next morning meeting. Still not enough? Commission a branded neon light for a fun pop of colour and a Tom Cruise in 'Cocktail' feel. 

3. Cosy It Up

Filing cabinets and stark office desks don't exactly inspire a good work ethic. Transform your office into a home from home by adding furniture that's actually nice and meet those deadlines with a smile on your face. A sofa and rug, make a regular open plan space feel cosy and comforting. Keep furniture neutral and add pops of colour with cushions and souvenirs from your all of your fabulous work trips dahling. Sorted.

4. Add Inspiration

Just because you're at work doesn't mean you have to live in a corporate cube, because let's face it, we spend more time in the office than we do at home. Mix it up with a wall moodboard. Whether work-related project ideas or just pictures of that holiday you're working towards, attaching inspiring images to the office wall is guaranteed to get your head, and heart, in gear for the new year.

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5. Get Minimal 

Yes, offices can be a corporate nightmare but they're well known for their collection of clutter as well. Having an office detox and complete clear out will do wonders for 2016's new you. As they say, tidy desk, tidy mind. So zen. Go the whole hog and replace the bulky conference room desk with a glass topped round table. Sociable and chic, the glass top will (hopefully) add some clarity to that confusing budget meeting.

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