4 Ways To Style A Bandana That Will Change Your Summer Wardrobe

4 Ways To Style A Bandana That Will Change Your Summer Wardrobe

The Classic American Accessory Gets A Revamp..


You’re not John Wayne and you’re not Tupac but you want to wear a bandana? Panic not. I don’t fall into either category but this classic Americana accessory is a permanent fixture in my wardrobe. I would go so far as to say that this humble square of cloth could potentially change your whole look. I have used a baby blue one from Rokit to illustrate four ways to style it but my colour of choice is usually classic navy blue and white. I find a plain dark round neck sweater is the best base to style a bandana as it makes the whole look more simple and less contrived.


1. This feels like the most French way to style a bandana and would look lovely with a classic stone Burberry trench coat. When I wear mine this way I feel a little bit cool, like people might think I am part of an LA hip-hop gang.


2. To wear it like this, fold the square in half to make a triangle and then roll up and put the widest bit at the back of your neck. Don’t be too neat – bandanas don’t like being neat. The older the bandana the better, as it will be softer and more floppy and sit better.


3. This is how I wear my vintage pink bandana on holiday. It keeps your hair safe from the sun and also looks pretty cute too. Roll up (as in number 2) and then tie around and around and knot, leaving the little end bits as a kind of mini bow. You can wear the mini bow at the front, back or side, depending on how you feel.


4. This is a look I wear when I am having a lazy day and I want to keep my hair off my face. It is also good for decorating and goes very nicely with a worn pair of blue denim dungarees and a Breton top. 


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