3 Incredibly Cool Ways To Tie A Headscarf

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Want a really nice scarf but not sure what to do with it? We asked the girls from Rumisu - the GORGEOUS scarf brand - for their favourite ways to wear a headscarf.

With the arrival of festival and holiday seasons, you might be looking for an alternative to the ubiquitous straw trilby to protect your head from the sun. And we've found it! Rumisu makes stunning silk scarves, all illustrated by sisters Deniz and Pinar in Istanbul. Their quirky designs, which are first hand-painted and then transferred digitally onto the silk, range from anything from a design based on a dragonfly's wings, to a wedding with alien guests dancing in a circle (yes, really!). And all of their larger scarves come with a crochet character to match the design which is attached with a little button, so you can remove them if you like (though we think they look pretty amazing left on). The characters are hand-made by women in south-eastern Turkey, so each one is slightly different. And if that weren't enough to tempt you, every scarf comes in a hand-embroidered linen bag. Beautiful.

Watch the handy how-to video that Rumisu made for us (above) and you'll always look cool in your headscarf.

The Fishing Flock scarf

This comes with a stripy crochet flamingo. What's not to love about that?! This is one of the larger scarves, so can be used oversized around the neck or in the 'twist' or 'topknot' techniques in the video (top).

£109.50 - click here to buy

The ET Wedding bandana

This is the scarf with the alien wedding design - so cute! And a real talking point for your outfit. It's a smaller size than the Fishing Flock, and looks gorgeous as a neckerchief as well as tied around the head.

£69 - click here to buy

The Balanced Booties scarf

What could be more perfect for your holidays than a scarf covered in ladies in bathing suits? The larger size scarf doubles as a cover-up when you are pool-side or on the beach, too.

£142.50 - click here to buy

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