'90s jeans, one-shoulder dresses and string bikinis are over. Well, that's according to Google who have released their first ever fashion trend report. Looking at the data collected from more than 6 billion searches made between January and February 2015, Google have compiled  the report that outlines the most popular and unpopular  types of clothing for the spring season. "By categorizing past apparel-related queries based on similar search-demand patterns, we were able to distinguish between the trends to watch and the trends to forget," the report says. "And by looking at geographic data along with co-search behavior (such as words and phrases being searched alongside a particular fashion), we can get consumer insights into fashions that will be hot this season."

So check out below to see what Google think we'll be wearing and what we think about their predictions...


1. Tulle skirts

Google say:
'Tulle skirts are growing in popularity just in time for spring fashion, up 34% from January 2014 to January 2015. Consumers are seeking this skirt in all colors of the rainbow (and even in rainbow), but the most popular colors are the classics: black and white. Consumers aren’t interested only in buying tulle skirts. Top searches indicate that a majority are feeling inspired to get crafty and make their own.'

We say:
If there's anyone to blame for this trend it's Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and The City. We have no doubt that people started googling 'tulle + skirt'  ever since she popped up in the opening sequence of the show getting splashed by that bus in Times Square. We're totally up for it at a fancy dress party as Carrie B just less so on an everyday basis.



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2. The Jogger Pant

Google say:

'Top searches for jogger pants span men, women, boys, girls, and even toddlers, indicating mass appeal for this apparel item. Looking at the terms often searched in conjunction with jogger pants, it seems that consumers are already well-versed in jogger pants and are turning to Google Search to learn more about which brands offer the best selection and deals. Consumers are stepping out of their comfort zone on this trend. The top most-searched style? Emoji jogger pants.'

We say:

We're alll about the jogger pant for long-haul plane journeys (sorry Victoria Beckham) and even up for novely pyjamas come Christmas time, but the emoji jogger pant? Seriously, please make it stop.



3. Midi Skirts

Google say:

'While lower in search volume than tulle skirts or jogger pants, the midi skirt has seen 9X growth in searches over the past three years—and is still in its early stages of growth within the U.S. market. Top searches for midi skirts, such as “how to wear” and “outfits,” demonstrate a lack of education on how to incorporate the trend. Consumers are turning to Google Search for advice and inspiration on styling a midi skirt as part of their daily outfit. Because the trend has been growing in the U.K. over the past couple of years, there are already so many variations of silhouettes and styles displayed on the internet. Top silhouettes include pleated, pencil, A-line, high waisted , skater, circle, and flared, to name a few. With such an overwhelming list of styles, it’s no wonder consumers are seeking tips on how best to pull them off.'

We say:

Seen on all the major runways for spring/summer 2015 including Celine, Christian Dior and Bottega Veneta, the midi skirt is definitely on trend this season. We love it's ultra flattering proportions – a smaller waist and elegant flash of leg. But it's ease of wear that makes it a real winner. From trainers to heels, leather jacket to grey marl t-shirt or chic cashmere sweater it can take you anywhere.


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