13 Reasons To Be Smug About Wearing Flat Shoes

13 Reasons To Be Smug About Wearing Flat Shoes

Heels? No thanks...

There are FAR more bonuses to embracing the trend for flat shoes than just being fashionable. I haven't worn heels since sometime in early 2011, and I haven't looked back (or fallen over) since. I even write a blog all about flat shoes called EnBrogue.com, and have published two books on the subject (En Brogue and The Trainers Guide). So I know what I'm talking about when I say you’ll be glad you banished your heels.

1. Be Bang On Trend

Nothing says 2009 like a pair of Apprentice contestant-style hooker heels.

2. Approach Staircases With Confidence

Never fear falling down steps (or ladders) again unless you’re particularly clumsy/drunk. Which leads me to…

3. Approach Escalators With Confidence

There’s no need to panic that your stiletto is going to get stuck if you’re wearing a nice wide flat heel. NB: maxi skirt wearers should still treat escalators with caution.

4. Date Shorter Men

The percentage of the male population who are your height or taller is MUCH bigger if you don’t wear heels. Turns out fewer inches can be good for your love life.

5. Never Feel Over Dressed

You can wear the shortest, most sparkly skirt you like and not feel OTT if you pair it with some masculine brogues.

6. Be Happy About Bad Weather

The more practical your footwear, the more you’ll look forward to wearing waterproof shoes in the rain. Even Converse makes rubber boots now.

7. Save Money

You won’t need to buy Party Feet anymore. And you won’t need bunion surgery in twenty years.

8. Visit Old Places

Cobbled streets aren’t the flat shoe’s enemy.

9. Own The Dance Floor

Ever tried doing the running man in platforms? Not possible. You CAN throw amazing shapes in statement trainers, though. Moonwalk, anyone?

10. Prevent Shoulder Damage

If you style your work outfit around your chic flat office-appropriate shoes, lugging those heels to and from work in your bag will become a thing of the past. And while you’re at it, you can embrace the trend for smaller bags, too.

11. Stop Being Late

You can run for the bus in a nimble pair of loafers.

12. Get Fitter

Your comfortable flat shoes will allow you to walk instead of squeezing onto the packed tube, or pop out for a lunchtime stroll. Suddenly your Pacer average is well over 10,000 steps.

13. Avoid Being An Internet Sensation

We’ve all seen those Vines of girls toppling over in their platforms: REALLY funny to watch, unless you’re the one breaking your ankle.

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