11 Reasons We’ve Grown To Totally Love Caroline Flack

11 Reasons We’ve Grown To Totally Love Caroline Flack

After the Strictly final where Ms Flack was crowned the winner, we look back at why she was the bookies' favourite - and why we want her to be our friend...

Unless you watch the Xtra Factor, the chances are you only knew of Caroline Flack for her affair with One Direction’s Harry Styles before this season of Strictly (not that we have a problem with that!). We’re thrilled though, that we’ve got to know this funny, spirited girl who just so happens to be a brilliant dancer, too. Here’s why…

1. That haircut

She started the season with long hair but soon chopped it off into an edgy, messy bob. We’ve been meaning to book an appointment at the hairdresser ever since. #hairenvy


2. Her reaction to finding out Pasha was her partner

Chemistry is half the battle in a dance partnership, and these two hit it off from the second they were paired up.


3. Her nerves

We want our Strictly contestants to be good dancers, but we like to see a human side, too. They say a few nerves are good before a performance, and they’ve obviously not done Caroline any harm.


4. Last week’s Salsa

We reckon the best way to tell a good dancer is when they make you want to get up and dance with them. Caroline’s red hot salsa in last week’s show had us up on our feet in our living rooms.


5. Her rehearsal style

We love that she’s never over-done in rehearsals, with her hair in a messy top knot and sometimes (gasp!) NO MAKE-UP AT ALL!


6. Those legs

Not only does she have incredibly toned pins, but she manages to kick them REALLY high. Even Craig commended her on her beautiful dévelopé. We admit to being a tiny bit jealous.



7. She’d be fun down the pub

Cazza has a cracking cackle of a laugh, and we reckon she’d be a scream on a night out. Fancy a pint?


8. That tweet to her ex

Sadly, Caroline split from her boyfriend Jack Street during the series. Although she was reportedly devastated, she sent him a ballsy tweet when he encouraged his followers to vote for her, replying “easing your guilt??? Fill yourself with glee jack.” Ouch!


9. The Argentine Tango

You’d need extreme core strength to pull off the moves in this dance, which Caroline did with ease.


10. When she tripped on her dress

Tripped over in public: everyone’s worst nightmare. So imagine getting your heel caught in your skirt while dancing on live TV, as happened in Caroline and Pasha’s American Smooth. Doesn’t do any harm in tugging on the audience’s heart strings though…


11. The Charleston

This might be our favourite dance of the whole season, and was particularly impressive for Caroline’s long solo section at the beginning. 

By fashion features editor Hannah Rochell / @hannahrochell

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