11 Catwalk Looks That Remind Us Of The School Tuck Shop

11 Catwalk Looks That Remind Us Of The School Tuck Shop

From Frazzles to Curly Wurlys - meet the catwalk designers taking inspiration from retro snacks

(*disclaimer: only ONE of these designers DEFINITELY took inspiration from retro snacks but it made us laugh so we’re running with it anyway)

1. Frazzles at Dries Van Noten

Mr Van Noten’s a/w2014 collection appears on this list a number of times. Honestly guys, it’s like he went back to the Eighties and ate ALL THE CRISPS while he was sketching the looks.


2. Jelly Tots at Moschino

OK, so the dress at Jeremey Scott’s Moschino show was actually based on Gummi Bears, but we remember them more for the cartoon on Saturday morning TV in the UK than for the sweets. Jelly Tots are WAY more British.


3. Caramac at House of Holland

This colour clash at InStyle columnist Henry Holland’s show reminded us of the most retro of retro wrappers: the Caramac. What even IS a Caramac anyway? Answers on a postcard…

4. Salt and Vinegar Discos at Dries Van Noten

See – Dries is at it again with this blue disco ball design top. And we love Salt and Vinegar Discos. They’re so VINEGARY! Brilliant for a hangover.


5. Liquorice Allsorts at Christopher Kane

This yellow and black number had us craving for the yellow coconutty round ones in Liquorice Allsorts. Hands up who used to eat off the outside and leave the liquorice middle for their dad to eat?

6. Curly Wurlys at Chanel

This wouldn’t be a feature about tuck shops if we didn’t mention a Curly Wurly! The colour combos on this Chanel coat really reminded us of our favourite chewy chocolate bar.


7. Roast Beef Monster Munch at Dries Van Noten

We’re really glad that Monster Munch recently brought back their original packaging or this likeness wouldn’t have worked. We love the catwalk look, but we prefer the pickled onion flavour crisps if we’re honest.

8. Wham Bars at Chloe

We don’t think we’ve bought a Wham Bar anywhere other than from the school tuck shop. We’re also surprised we still have any teeth after eating them. This dress reminded us of that speckled pink mega chewiness.


9. Cheetos at Moschino

Excuse us while we go all American, but Cheetos were a thing for a while in the UK. Luckily, the Wotsit won out. Phew. And even though this dress isn’t based on crisps, that cartoon cat looks distinctly like Chester Cheetah, don’t you think?

10. Mint Aeros at Christopher Kane

This jumper is a shade of green that makes us think of all things minty. If it’s not Mint Aeros, it’s Mint Matchmakers, After Eights, and the king of all things chocolaty and minty, Mint Magnums. Mmmm….


11. Cheese and Onion Squares at…you guessed it, Dries Van Noten

Our final entry from the crisp-obsessed Belgian fashion designer (we’re making that up, he’s not really crisp-obsessed as far as we know) is this jumper that looks EXACTLY like the design on a packet of square crisps. It’s uncanny!


By fashion features editor Hannah Rochell
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