10 Brilliant Jewellery Brands You’ve Never Heard Of

10 Brilliant Jewellery Brands You’ve Never Heard Of

We celebrate the best niche jewellery brands around; you might have never heard of them, but we reckon you will LOVE them!

Jewellery is such a personal thing, and it’s always great to find something really individual, so we’ve rounded up ten amazing brands that will make you stand out from the crowd. You’re welcome.


WHO: Eina Ahulwalia

WHAT: Based in Kolkata, Eina is one of India’s most famous designers. She blends elements of India’s culture with modern styles.

WHY: These gorgeous, intricate pieces really make a statement, but because they’re made purely of gold they are easy to wear, too.

Eina Ahluwalia cuff, £223, click here to buy



WHO: Niza Huang

WHAT: This London-based designer uses textures and shapes inspired by natural elements, such as rock formations.

WHY: We love the modern feel of these edgy pieces; they’d work brilliantly with a minimal, Skandi-style wardrobe. The prices are really great, too.

Niza Huang ring, £365, click here to buy


WHO: Tessa Metcalfe

WHAT: Tessa is fascinated by the pigeons in her home town, London, and has a passion for and background in taxidermy. The result? This quirky bird claw jewellery.

WHY: You just know that someone wearing one of these pieces has a sense of humour. They’re also incredibly beautiful – a real talking point.

Tessa Metcalfe earrings, £85, click here to buy


WHO: YooLa

WHAT: Yael Falk is behind the brand, and is based in Israel, although she learnt her rare wire crochet technique – which uses just a crochet hook and her bare hands - in Switzerland.

WHY: These delicate pieces are full of air (so not too heavy) and are incredibly sophisticated.

YooLa necklace, £64, click here to buy


WHO: Article22

WHAT: This is an amazing story – all pieces are made from the remains of weapons, such as Vietnam era bombs. Talk about turning a negative into a positive.

WHY: The metal used to make these bracelets and necklaces is worn and used, giving a cool, matt finish.

Article22 bangles, £290, click here to buy



WHO: Rachel Entwistle

WHAT: This Londoner grew up in the English countryside and studied jewellery design in Mexico, and her jewellery often has strong symbolism.

WHY: We love the simplicity, especially on the mini symbol earrings and sun and moon rings.

Rachel Entwistle earcuff, £350, click here to buy


WHO: Claudia Baldazi

WHAT: Milan-based Claudia comes from a family of leather artisans. Her jewellery uses lots of different textures like silk and crystals.

WHY: These baroque and rococo styles will make a stunning addition to any outfit.

Claudia Baldazzi earrings, £104, click here to buy



WHO: Jessica de Lotz

WHAT: All of Jessica’s jewellery is hand-made in London. She’s an artist and prop-maker, too, and everything she makes has a strong feeling of nostalgia.

WHY: We especially like the zodiac items – they’d make the perfect gift (and we totally advocate buying gifts for yourself, too!)

Jessica de Lotz earring, £259, click here to buy



WHO: Yasmin Everly

WHAT: Yasmin’s mother was a jewellery designer, and she uses craftsmen in Thailand who have been working with her mother for years.

WHY: The bold art deco-style pieces are really easy to wear (particularly with an all-black outfit) and we LOVE those bugs.

Yasmin Everly necklace, £205, click here to buy




WHAT: ELYONA’s designer Leona Songhee is based in Seoul, and makes opulent pieces featuring gold-plated chains, gemstones and pearls.

WHY: Pearls are a HUGE trend for next season, so stock up on some gorgeous, individual pieces to be ahead of the curve.

ELYONA earrings, £72.80, click here to buy


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