5 Reasons You Need To Watch Orange Is The New Black, Season 3

5 Reasons You Need To Watch Orange Is The New Black, Season 3

It’s one of the hottest shows on Netflix, and season three of multi Emmy winning Orange Is The New Black #OITNB does not disappoint. Here’s why you need to start binging behind bars (no spoilers)

1. There’s a new inmate, Stella Carlin, in the shape of Australian model and actress Ruby Rose (who, in real life, is also engaged to Roald Dahl’s granddaughter Phoebe.) She considers herself “gender-fluid” and straight females fans of the show have taken to Twitter to say she makes them question their sexuality (read: she’s hot.)

2. Despite being very funny, it’s got more emotional muscle than season one and two, and tells the story of loneliness, isolation and depression well. There’s a new prison counsellor, Berdie Rogers, who is more ‘2015’ than Healy, the old school therapist. Instead of being dismissive, she’s supportive but both approaches make for a very interesting, well rounded look at mental illness. In short, Orange Is The New Black #OITNB looks at the subject throughout the whole season instead of cramming the issue into one episode – and nails it.

3. Alex returns to Litchfield penitentiary – and she and Piper TOTALLY get it back on. Taylor Schilling (Piper) actually shed blood when filming one particularly challenging and provocative sex scene with Laura Prepon (Alex.) Schilling has said of the incident, “'We had a scene where I had to take my shirt off and there was my prison tag, and I gouged my cheek with my prison tag. And we had to just add the scar into the rest of the (season).” Prepon added, “ Naturally when you're doing a love scene - especially a hate-love scene where you're beating each other up - that's an interesting dynamic.” We can only imagine…

4. Orange Is The New Black #OITNB was the first show to feature an actual transgender person, playing a transgender character. Laverne Cox plays hairdresser Sophia Burset, a transgender woman locked up for credit card fraud committed to fund her gender reassignment surgery. A YEAR before Caitlyn Jenner’s Vanity Fair unveiling, Cox appeared on the cover of Time magazine under the headline, The Transgender Tipping Point: America’s next civil rights frontier. Baddass.

5.It showcases THE most diverse female cast perhaps ever seen on TV (and what’s not to love about that?) There are white, black, Latina, and Asian; young and old; straight, gay, and other—Litchfield Correctional Facility houses ‘em all. Tune in!
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