Prince Harry Makes His Acting Debut (Cue Women Fainting Everywhere...)

Prince Harry Makes His Acting Debut (Cue Women Fainting Everywhere...)

Prince Harry + unbuttoned shirt collar = everything we ever wanted from his acting debut

If there’s one thing we love about our royal family, it’s the fact that they’re well game for a cameo.

While we probably don’t have to remind you about the Queen’s acting stint, it’s too brilliant not to. For the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony in London, HRH filmed a skit with James Bond himself, Daniel Craig, which ended up with a stunt double dressed as the Queen parachuting out of a plane, into the arena, where the Queen herself reemerged to take her seat in the royal box.

Yes, it was a thing of sheer brilliance, and made us look at our monarchy in a whole new, seriously badass light. Now, another royal has flexed his acting muscles for yet another sporting event.

That’s right – Prince Harry is the latest Windsor to step in front of the camera lens as he makes a surprise cameo appearance in the 2015 Rugby World Cup opening ceremony intro video.

The short film is set back in the day, and tells the story of how the game began, when a student named William Webb Ellis is said to have created the sport as he was playing with his classmates back in 1823.

Harry, a keen supporter of the rugby league, makes his debut as a humble gardener, who watches the game from afar. Aside from his brooding costume of an unbuttoned white shirt and leather trouser suspenders (ooft), he also manages to crack a little joke in between looking hot on-screen. Oh Harry, marry us now, won’t you? Check him out, doing his acting thing, below… (FYI, he makes his appearance at 2.14, if you wanna skip).

Nailed it.

The 31-year-old went on to officially open the Rugby World Cup 2015 on Friday, alongside his brother, Prince William and sister-in-law, Kate Middleton.

We don’t know about you, but we’re suddenly way more into rugby…

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