Victoria Beckham: When Bad Hair Happens To Good People

Victoria Beckham: When Bad Hair Happens To Good People

Victoria Beckham revealed the frizzing effects that the Singapore humidity has had on her hair and it's not good. Like really, NOT GOOD

Victoria Beckham is rarely seen looking anything but perfect but on her latest work trip she revealed what she *really* looks like without the help of her glam squad. 

The 41-year-old fashion designer has been dedicated to Instagramming her way through her Singapore trip — where she's been promoting her latest collection and her collaboration with Nails Inc — giving us some majorly LOL moments in the process. From hoovering her own catwalk to doing a leg split while chilling on the sofa, as you do, she's given us a hilarious insight on her tour antics. 

In amongst the rest of her feed however, she posted one pic that we NEVER thought we'd see — with her hair completely unruly and all over the place! Yep, we're not just talking a rogue strand that's escaped her ponytail; we're talking full-on frizz... 

Ok. so as far as bad hair days go we've definitely seen worse but in the VB stakes, this is a catastrophe. Captioning her candid shot. 'Even @kenpaves is struggling to #fightthefrizz in Singapore!! This humidity is #outofcontrol x vb#VBTour'. 

However, her trusty stylist and BFF Ken managed to pull it together and create the seriously sleek tresses Victoria is known for. 

What a miracle worker, huh? Looking back on her feed, we couldn't help but notice that Victoria has tagged many of her posts with the hashtag #FightTheFrizz which has us wondering if she's got something hair related up her sleeve... Whether she's working on a new haircare line or not one thing's for sure — there's way more people that could use some of that #FightTheFrizz action.

Of course, we all remember when Monica from Friends took on the Barbados humidity and LOST. She definitely could have done with having Ken on side for that... 

We don't know if even hair maestro Ken could work his magic on this one. Soz Monica. 

If you want hair like Victoria Beckham, you know, when it looks good, check out our exclusive one-on-one video with her hairstylist Ken Paves below... 

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