Inside InStyle's Rankin Shoot With Our YouTuber's Of The Year

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What happened when we gathered Instyle's YouTuber's of the Year for an exclusive shoot with Rankin? Here come the outtakes…

We’ve got the Oscars. And the Brits. And even the World Dog Awards (we choose Pug everytime FYI). So we thought it was long overdue that we created an awards for the people, who let’s face it, we spent most of our waking hours with  - that’s vloggers and bloggers.  Because it’s them we regularly turn to for updates on their lives, style, beauty regimes and fashion hauls.  And if they’ve been tirelessly toiling away in those bedrooms with fairylights for us, isn’t it about time we gave something back? Hell yes! So meet the very first winners of InStyle's YouTuber Of The Year Awards... 

FLEUR BELL (Fleur de Force), 27

Winner: Outstanding YouTuber Of The Year, voted for by InStyle readers and Best Getting-Ready Video

Click here for Fleur's interview and video


Winner of: Best Beauty YouTuber

Click here for Tanya's interview and video

TAMARA KALINIC (Glam And Glitter), 26

Winner: Rising Instagram Star

Click here for Tamara's interview and video


Winner: Most Inspirational Lifestyle YouTuber 

Click here for Niomi's interview and video


Winner: Best Beauty Reviewer

Click here for Estee's interview and video

BECKY SHEERAN (Talk Becky Talk), 27

Winner: Best Beauty Collaboration of 2015

Click here for Becky's interview and video

GRACIE FRANCESCA (Ugly Face Of Beauty), 25

Winner: Most Inspiring Role Model

Click here for Gracie's interview and video


Winner: Best Creative Make-Up Tutorials

Click here for Klaire's interview and video

ROBIN JAMES (Man For Himself), 28

Winner: Rising Men’s Style Star  

Click here for Robin's interview and video 

LOUISE PENTLAND (Sprinkle of Glitter), 30

Winner: Best High-Street Fashion YouTuber

Click here for Louise's interview and video 

SAM AND NIC CHAPMAN (Pixiwoo), 35 and 38

Winner: Most Established Brand 

Click here for Sam and Nic's inteview and video 


Winner: Most Innovative Fashion Videos

Click here for Patricia's interview and video 

See all our winners starring in a very special December issue shoot - photographed by Rankin - on sale next Thursday! 

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